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Welcome to 4 th Grade Jenks East Elementary. Specials Music Art Physical Education.

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1 Welcome to 4 th Grade Jenks East Elementary

2 Specials Music Art Physical Education

3 Everyday Mathematics Content: Data Analysis Geometry Measurement Spiraling Program Hands-on Study Links Mental math and reflexes Revisits skills to reinforce retention Beginning, developing, and secure goals Concrete understanding, not memorization Numeration & Number Sense Problem Solving Algebraic Reasoning

4 Reading Comprehension Tool Kit by Stephanie Harvey And Anne Goudvis Our six reading strategies: Monitor Comprehension Activate and Connect Ask Questions Infer Meaning Determine Importance Summarize and Synthesize

5 Genres: Adventure Biographies Mysteries Tall Tales

6 Language Arts Text: Write Source Communicating using journals, personal narratives, poetry forms, figurative language, story writing, expository writing, and compositions Writing Process –Pre-writing –Drafting –Editing/revising –Publishing Research Word Study –Differentiated –Corrected in context

7 Science and Health Science Scientific inquiry Cooperative learning Findings are presented in journals, tables, and graphs Units of Study –Animal Studies –Electric Circuits –Motion and Design Health Healthy living habits Operation Aware Character Education

8 Social Studies Text: TCI-Social Studies Alive-Regions of our Country Main Focus: U.S. Regions Movement into the U.S. Movement from region to region Settlements in each region Key Explorations Cultural influence Native American Groups National Monuments, Landmarks, and Historical Sites Economy Historical People Environment Contributions to American culture from various groups Map Skills

9 Technology –Communication and collaboration –Information retrieval –Student productivity –Keyboarding Skills –EM Math games –Delivery of lessons

10 Special Events

11 Rose Hill Each fall, Jenks East Elementary 4th graders take a field trip back in time to Rose Hill School for a day in 1907.

12 Veteran’s Day All students participate in the Veteran’s Day Concert honoring the men and women of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. The Poppy Project is a veteran’s awareness unit of study.

13 Oklahoma City Field Trip Tour Oklahoma State Capitol Experience Science Museum Oklahoma

14 We look forward to working with you and your child during the 2013- 2014 school year!

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