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Five Minute Writing Assignment

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1 Five Minute Writing Assignment
What was the dynastic cycle in Ancient China? Dynastic Cycle: Pattern of the rise and fall of dynasties What was the first ruling dynasty in Ancient China? Shang Dynasty

2 Five Minute Writing Assignment
List two of the Ancient Chinese philosophies discussed during our last class. For each philosophy, list two characteristics. Philosophy #1 – _________________ Characteristics - ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Philosophy #2 – _________________

3 Still Unit 2! (Last Civilization before TEST!)
H I N A Copyright © Clara Kim All rights reserved.

4 Political Ruled by dynasties
As Mesopotamia and Egypt were declining, Shang Dynasty in China was rising to power Shang Dynasty Mandate of Heaven: Justification through right of God Dynastic Cycle: Pattern of the rise and fall of dynasties Feudalism: nobles have permission from Kings to own and work king’s land


6 Economic Because of China’s isolation by natural barriers, early settlers had to supply their own goods within China Not much trade outside of China

7 Religious Family and Religion are closely linked
Prayed to ancestors because they thought their ancestors could bring them luck or disaster Consulted the gods through ancestors

8 Chinese Religion/Philosophy
What is a philosophy? What you believe/doctrine/theory. Look for word to end in, “ism” Example: ? Confucianism Daoism Legalism

9 Chinese Religion/Philosophy
Terms to know: Filial piety: respect your elders Feudalism: system of government, based on land owners and tenants. Also, economic system. Dynasty: pass rule from father to son. Ruling family. Seer: predicts future (Oracle Bones)

10 Confucius Say … Not a religion! (came from teaching of Kongfuzi)
Harmony in Society: (Book  Analects) Five Basic Relationships 1. father to son = son does what father says 2. older brother is the boss= younger must obey 3. husband to wife = wife must obey 4. ruler to subject 5. friend to friend = friends are equal

11 Daoism/Taoism Founder: Laozi Book: Dao De Jing Philosophy:
The less government the better. Harmony with nature. (ancient hippies) Peace within yourself All are equal

12 Daoism/Taoism Natural Rhythms of Life: Yin/Yang
Yin and Yang: forces that effect your everyday life. “If you don’t want to be robbed, don’t fill your house with gold.” Yin – white, female, earth and passive Yang – black, male, heaven and active

13 Legalism Founder: Henfeizi Used legal codes and laws to rule.
Rich rewards Harsh punishments Philosophy: Most people are naturally selfish and people pursue their own interests. (came about after 250 years of war)

14 Social Society was sharply divided between nobles and peasants
Family was central to society Had arranged marriages Group was more important than the individual

15 Intellectual Shang Dynasty was the first to leave written records
Oracle Bones: animal bone or tortoise shells where priests scratched questions for gods then applied heat until it cracked. Then they priests interpreted the cracks



18 Intellectual No connection between written and spoken Chinese
Advantage: ? Disadvantage: ? Advantage - Someone can read Chinese without knowing how to speak it



21 Achievements Oldest Shang city – Anyang built in the woods mainly from wood Had massive earth walls for protection Found a wall 118 feet thick and 1.2 square miles

22 Achievements Introduced the chariot – a major tool of war
Skilled in bronze work, silk and weapons




26 Achievements During the Zhou Dynasty they: Built roads and canals
Developed blast furnaces that allowed them to produce cast iron

27 Geography Surrounded by natural barriers in all directions:
North: Gobi Desert East: Pacific Ocean South: Himalaya Mountains West: Taklaman Desert


29 Geography Fertile plain found between 2 major rivers
1. Huang He (Yellow River) Floods left behind LOESS: yellow silt 2. Yangtze River Flooded unpredictably

30 Huang He (Yellow River)

31 Huang He (Yellow River)

32 Yangtze River

33 Yangtze River

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