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Global Warming By- Josh Goldstein and Alannah Halliday.

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2 Global Warming By- Josh Goldstein and Alannah Halliday

3 What is Global Warming Global Warming is……………. –An increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere (especially a sustained increase that causes climatic changes) When Hazardous greenhouse gasses are released into the earths atmosphere they are reflected back to earth and start increasing the earths temperature and changing the weather conditions. Greenhouse gases affect different places weather and climate.

4 What we know about global warming is that it causes a rise in the earths surface temperature. The cause of global warming is GREENHOU SE gases, which are reflected down to earth after being released and cause surface heat.

5 Our Communities Our communities cause an increase in the problem by doing many things. Wasting water, electricity, not recycling, pollution cause by companies and toxins in the household cleaners are some examples of the immaturity our communities have towards global warming.

6 Population Most of the current population is not aware of the problems that greenhouse gasses cause. Most people don’t even know that their household activities are bad for the world because they emit harmful greenhouse gas.

7 Greenhouse Gases What kinds? Some examples of green house gasses are carbon dioxide, (from fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas) methane (from excessive landfills of trash and waste. Abundance People have to many electronics in their house and this causes a waste of electricity. When electricity is created for our things it causes an increase in carbon dioxide because it makes energies with fuels that emit the gas. Frequent in our community?? The waste of garbage and lack of recycling is constantly occurring in our communities. Also people waste to much electricity by leaving lights on or having more then one or two computers operating in a house at a time.


9 Kyoto Protocol How much do we know about it.?? What we know about the Kyoto Protocol is that it is an international agreement reached in 1997 (Kyoto Japan). It targets the amounts of greenhouse emission all over the world and thinks of ways to deplete it in an attempt to stop the climate change. What can we do to help them? We can cut down on Electricity Heat The amount of electronics. Gases emitted from transportation vehicles. Watch our amounts of trash.

10 Thank you We would like to thank you for viewing out presentation today. We do realize that you do not have a choice when it comes to viewing these projects and would like to once again thank you for viewing ours. Happy Hanukah

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