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Princess Wellness By Marie Meeks, Youngstown State University.

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1 Princess Wellness By Marie Meeks, Youngstown State University


3 Princess Dining Princesses know that good eating habits are key to staying healthy. Princesses love to eat fruits and vegetables. They also drink plenty of water. Breakfast is essential to every princesss morning.

4 Princess Dieting Princesses talk to their doctor before starting a diet plan. Princesses know that overeating is bad for your body, but so is eating too little. A healthy lifestyle, not dieting, is how princesses keep their figures.

5 Princess Fitness All princesses, even those who are naturally thin, exercise 3-4 times a week. Princesses sometimes bring friends to help motivate them. They may also take advantage of free classes at the rec center.

6 Princess Parties Princesses only go to the ball when they know they will be safe, and they never leave their drinks unattended. Princesses never drink and drive. Drinking too much may lead to unprincess-like behavior, such as promiscuity and public urination.

7 Princess Beauty Sleep To maintain maximum grace and poise, princesses need 8 hours of sleep a night. Princesses try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

8 Princess Romance While princesses know how to have fun, they also know that the best romances are monogamous. Princesses get help from someone they can trust if they find themselves dating a villain.

9 Princess Romance Princesses are responsible when it comes to things like birth control and protection. Princesses can call the YSU clinic to schedule an appointment for a birth control prescription or pap test. Princesses know that all women 18 and over should get a pap test annually.

10 Princess Cleanliness Princesses know it is important to clean up their messes. Some princesses share chores like washing towels, doing dishes, and vacuuming. Try designating a day once a week to clean up around your room

11 Princess Cleanliness Princesses often have long hair. They always make sure they clean up any stray hair after they wash it. Princesses always dispose of their feminine products properly and discreetly.

12 Princess Friendships Even the nicest princesses get in arguments sometimes. They try to take a day or two sorting out their thoughts, and then talk to their friend. Princesses talk to their RA if they need help with their roommate.

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