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SPARTAN WELLNESS from the movie 300

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1 SPARTAN WELLNESS from the movie 300
Submitted by Kevin McGarry, University of Connecticut SPARTAN WELLNESS from the movie 300


3 Spartan Eating Habits Just because you can go up twice at the dining hall, doesn’t mean you have to… A good way to avoid the “freshmen 15” is to try to eat a Spartan Salad with every meal. Spartans also avoid snacking between meals. Make sure to not eat anything right before going to bed.

4 Spartan Eating Habits Spartans make sure to eat from all of the 5 food groups. Fruits (apples), vegetables (salads), whole grains (pasta, bread, cereal), dairy (milk, yogurt), and meats (beef, chicken). Spartans try to avoid foods high in fats, salt, and sugars.

5 Spartan Fitness True Spartans are in peak physical condition.
As for the rest of us, simply staying active is a good way to stay in shape. Basketball, football, running, extreme ping-pong, any activity that requires some exercise is good for staying in shape.

6 Spartan Fitness A good way to keep in shape is by doing calisthenics.
Calisthenics are exercises designed to develop muscular tone and promote physical well-being. By doing push-ups, and crunches, a Spartan can keep that “toned” physique that they are famous for…

7 Spartan Hygiene True Spartans must keep clean.
Showering daily is a good way to keep off the smell of battle (or daily living in your case...). Brushing your teeth daily also helps. Spartans who are injured always make sure to clean their wounds and bandage them properly.

8 Spartan Romance Spartans are known for their romance.
Every Spartan knows that both Spartans must be consenting when engaging in any sexual act. Spartans make sure to protect themselves by using a condom every time.

9 Spartans and Alcohol While Spartans love a good glass of wine, they know when they’ve had too much. True Spartans keep their alcohol consumption to a minimum, and they only drink if they are of legal drinking age. Spartans need to be sober in order to defeat the Persians. An army of drunk Spartans will be easily defeated.

10 Spartans and Alcohol Spartans also look out for each other when they go out. Just like when going to fight Persians, Spartans always travel in groups and make sure that they stay together the entire time. Spartans never leave anyone behind.

11 Spartan Sleeping Habits
A big part of being a Spartan is getting a good nights sleep. The typical Spartan needs 8 hours of sleep a night to be rested enough to fight off Persians. Spartans avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol late at night because it helps you get a better sleep.

12 Spartan Sleeping Habits
Some Spartan methods for getting a good nights sleep are: Going to bed and wake up at the same time every night and morning. Avoid napping. Try to relax or wind down before going to bed. If noise is a problem, Spartans will sometimes turn on a fan to drown out other noises.

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