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Being sustainable project

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1 Being sustainable project
Junior High School number 3 in Toruń, Poland Class 2d Teacher – Maja Lewicka

2 What does it mean to be sustainable?
Many people do not know what it means to be sustainable. Essentially, being sustainable means that you live within your environmental means. To be sustainable, we need to follow these criteria: Never take more than we need in resources, Do what we can to conserve resources, Have an eco-state of mind in all things, Give back to the Earth for what we take.

3 Try some of these things to be more sustainable in your life:
Turn off lights when they are not in use, Limit water use and recycle as much water as you can, Walk as much as you can instead of driving, Eat organic food, Recycle cardboard, glass, tin, paper and plastic, Unplug appliances when not in use, Plant a tree.

4 Why should we try to be sustainable?
Being sustainable is something that we can all do to help the planet when it needs it. If we continue to take more than we use, then there will be nothing left for future generations.

5 What are the effects on the environment?
Even now we are seeing the effects of past generations in global warming, biodiversity problems, rising acidity of the oceans and more. Going green is all about being sustainable and if we all just did a few things to go green, then things like global warming would not be an issue. We would be able to live on the planet without depleting its supplies and threatening our own future with our idiotic ways. One little change can mean a big difference.

6 Carbon footprint -what is it?
Carbon footprint has historically been defined as the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person. Emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causes a high risk. It become the cause of the global warming.

7 What we can do to reduce it?
Turn it off when not in use (lights, television, DVD player, Hi Fi, computer etc. etc. ...) Turn down the central heating slightly (try just 1 to 2 degrees C). Just 1 degree will help reduce your heating bill by about 8%. Turn down the water heating setting (just 2 degrees will make a significant saving) Check the central heating timer setting - remember there is no point heating the house after you have left for work Fill your dish washer and washing machine with a full load - this will save you water, electricity, and washing powder Fill the kettle with only as much water as you need Do your weekly shopping in a single trip Hang out the washing to dry rather than tumble drying it

8 Recycle paper - make Christmas cards.
These are our Christmas cards : )

9 Crafts made from recycled materials.
Jewellery Rattles and money-boxes

10 Vases Dishes

11 Toys (a submarine, a frog and a jumping spider)

12 This is an ECO SURVEY – Are you sustainable?
We asked teachers and students from our school a few questions about environment.

13 1.Do you know what it means „to be sustainable”?
1) Yes 2)No

14 2. How do you get to school? By bicycle By car By bus/train On foot

15 3. Have you ever planted a tree?
1) Yes 2)No

16 4. Do you turn off the lights when you leave the room?
Yes 2) No

17 5. Do you use energy saving light bulbs?
Yes No

18 6. How many cars are there in your family?
1 2 More

19 7. Do you unplug devices when not in use?
Always Sometimes Never

20 8. Do you usually have a shower or a bath?

21 9. Do you recycle rubbish? Always Sometimes Never

22 10. Do you use eco-carrier bags?
Yes No

23 11. Do you save water (e.g. when you brush your teeth.)?
Yes No

24 How eco-friendly is our school?
We organise a collection of waste paper, batteries and plastic, We regularly clean area near school celebrating Clean Up The World weekend, We recycle rubbish.

25 This is our class

26 Thank you for a project. That was a great adventure.
Best wishes, Class 2d from Poland : )

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