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MODULE #4: C limate Change & Global Warming … Strategies & Solutions.

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1 MODULE #4: C limate Change & Global Warming … Strategies & Solutions

2 " W hen we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." ~John Muir GHG emissions from Human Activities Other Pollution from Human Activities Natural Cycles Land Use Patterns Environmental & Human Health Human behavior and technology Economics

3 GHG emissions from Human Activities Other Pollution from Human Activities Natural Cycles Land Use Patterns Environmental & Human Health Human behavior and technology Economics Choices that each of us make today will help determine whether we can solve these problems … or whether we end up with a knotted mess…

4 C hoices you make right now can: … & save Reduce GHG emissions Reduce air pollution that degrades our environment and our health

5 Lets take a look at some strategies and solutions you can start doing right now, whether youre … …at home …at school Or… on the road … at the store

6 A t home… Turn off lights and appliances (like TVs or computers) when youre not using them. Use reusable plates, cups & silverware at parties, picnics, & cookouts. Replace old light bulbs and appliances with new energy efficient ones like compact fluorescent bulbs and EPA Energy Star appliances ® (this can reduce the energy you use in your home by up to 40% !) - PLEASE Recycle burned-out compact fluorescent bulbs though … as they contain a very small amount of toxic Mercury! Eliminate phantom loads! Any electronic device that has a remote control (TVs, DVD players, stereos, etc.) or a digital clock (microwave, etc.) consumes electricity all the time unless unplugged or on a power strip thats been turned OFF. Take shorter showers … heating water uses energy … & some greenhouse gases go into the air to create that energy Dress warmer in the winter instead of turning up the heat … and wear cooler clothes in summer instead of cranking up the air conditioning Plant some native trees, flowers, & shrubs in your yard. Plants absorb CO 2. Reducing the size of your lawn means less mowing, fewer GHG emissions & less pollution sent into the air Hang your laundry out to air-dry rather than throwing it in the dryer Only run the washing machine or dishwasher when its completely full Recycle & reuse things whenever possible Use rechargeable instead of throw- away batteries.

7 A t school… Do an energy audit and / or calculate the carbon footprint of your school or classroom Brainstorm with your teachers and other students about ways your school or community could work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Bring your lunch to school in a reusable lunch box… and instead of paper napkins, use a cloth napkin that can be washed & used again Encourage your parents to buy food and beverages in bulk instead of in individual portions. (For example, its better for the environment if you buy a gallon of apple juice and bring some of that for lunch in a reusable thermos instead of buying throw-away juice boxes of apple juice) Encourage your school cafeteria to buy local foods, and avoid using disposable items whenever possible Ride the school bus whenever possible to avoid all those extra car-trips

8 A t the store… Buy and eat meals that are lower on the food chain (no meat) several times per week (or more). Buy Local whenever you can (this includes food, gifts, clothing and more) Carry the things you buy at the store in reusable cloth bags instead of paper or plastic bags. When you have a choice, buy items that arent over-packaged (For example: if the item is in a plastic case thats inside of a cardboard box thats surrounded by plastic wrap… then its over-packaged!) Buy food & beverages in bulk, instead of individually-wrapped items.

9 O n the road… Plan vacations and fun trips that are closer to home … or plan to have fun right in your own living room or backyard For short trips, ride a bike or walk instead of taking a ride in the car Encourage your friends and family members to buy smaller cars that use less gas. (Every gallon of gasoline used by a vehicle puts 20 lbs of CO 2 into the air… thats about 300 lbs of CO 2 for each tank full of gas!!!) Encourage drivers to 1) keep their vehicle properly tuned-up, 2) inflate the tires the proper pressure, & 3) always travel at the speed limit (or slower). These 3 things will keep you safer while reducing fuel consumption and GHG emissions Carpool, share rides, combine trips and errands … in short, drive LESS Whenever possible, ride the bus or some other form of public transportation

10 N ow & in the Future… Whenever you can … share with your friends and family what you know about slowing climate change and caring for the environment. Study hard in school today … and as you grow, consider a career that will help keep the Earth healthy for all of us!

11 T hanks!

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