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Moving West part 6 Texas Fights for Independence.

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1 Moving West part 6 Texas Fights for Independence

2 Tensions soon erupted between Texas’ Anglo population and Mexico.

3 First, the Anglo settlers spoke English instead of Spanish.

4 Second, the Anglos tended to be Protestant instead of Catholic.

5 Third, many of the settlers were Southerners who had brought their slaves with them. Mexico had outlawed slavery in 1829.

6 As the American colony grew, Austin went to Mexico City to visit the Mexican President, Antonio López de Santa Anna. Austin asked Santa Anna for greater self-government for Texas.

7 Santa Anna responded by throwing Austin in jail.

8 Austin eventually was freed. He returned to Texas and called for Texans to arm themselves.

9 Soon afterward, Santa Anna led an army to San Antonio to force the Texans to obey Mexican law.

10 As a result, war broke out between the two sides in 1835. The war became known as the Texas Revolution.

11 One of the most famous battles of the Texas Revolution occurred at the Alamo, a mission in San Antonio. In February of 1836, a small group of American forces tried to defend the Alamo from Mexican troops.


13 For 12 days, Santa Anna and his troops attacked the rebels in the Alamo.

14 The Mexicans finally captured the mission after killing all 187 of the Americans.

15 Even as the battle for the Alamo raged, Texans met and declared independ ence from Mexico.

16 “Remember the Alamo!” became a rallying cry for Texas rebels to defeat the Mexicans.

17 Under their commander, Sam Houston, the Texans captured Santa Anna and won their independence. Houston was elected president of the new Republic of Texas.

18 The Mexican government refused to acknowledge Texas’ independence. However, France and Great Britain recognized Texas’ new status.

19 Texas certainly acted like a new nation. It established an army and a navy. It also created its own flag.


21 Many Texans hoped that the United States would annex, or incorporate, Texas as part of the country. The nation was divided on the issue.

22 Southerners welcomed another slave state to the Union. Northerners, however, did not want another slave state.

23 In 1838, Sam Houston invited the United States to Annex Texas. Antislavery Northerners, however, blocked any action on the matter.

24 In 1844, James Polk was elected as the eleventh president. Polk, a slaveholder, favored the annexation of Texas.

25 In 1845, Texas finally was admitted into the union. This angered the Mexican government.

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