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Stepping Outside the Box Presentation by Gary Nusca, CCIM

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1 Stepping Outside the Box Presentation by Gary Nusca, CCIM

2 Impact of the Internet on Commercial Real Estate l Identifiable deals and transactions. l Features and Benefits l Concepts that are the difference between doing deals and not doing deals l Problems l Solutions l Future

3 History - Background l Started out of Central Canada CCIM Chapter l People on all continents in the world placing information l Over 90 countries viewing information regularly. l 13 computers with Hi speed server in San Jose, California.

4 Statistics Background l Over 700,000 hits per month, 65% from the USA and the rest of the world. Details.Details. l Tens of thousands of unique visitors. l Over 10,000 ICI Have Want Messages. l Over 4,000 private FSBO Listings. l Members reporting deals regularly.reporting deals

5 Statistics l Over $6 Billion of Haves and growing. l Over $1 Trillion of Wants and growing. l Over 10,000 Emails deliver Haves and Wants daily to the public and growing. l Over 8,000 pages link to various ICIWorld web pages. l Average access time to search 4.9 seconds.

6 Growth of the Internet l In January 1995 there were 25 responses to searching the words commercial real estate on the Internet. l Today the market is over 600,000,000 people. Details.Details. l Over 1 Billion web pages. l Easy to get on the Internet. l Future - Television and much more.

7 Concept l Two parts to the service. l Public Area - Only broker members may place information that is read by the public. l Private Area - everyone in the world may place information free, but only the brokers may read the contact information. –Limited View available

8 Concept Information versus Listings l Open and exclusive listing opportunities –Model that works. Ask three questions: l Commission l Agreement to cover showing l Ask if okay to place on ICIWorld –without address l Some say 90% of apartment buildings, shopping centers, etc are not on real estate boards. You will find them on ICIWorld

9 Haves and Wants l Confidentiality. l Recommend never placing an address on the Internet. l How many more opportunities will you have to make money? l Conduct quick survey l Dont forget the buyers!

10 Brokers best positioned to collect information in marketplace l Value added services - –collection, –dissemination, –marketing, networking and –distribution of information. l Sample of last meeting where developer said it is information they are interested in.

11 Powerful Listing Presentations l Present a list of 100 buyers of apartment buildings, or shopping centers l Print out Statistics in color showing International exposure. l Its the power of an industry to help you in your individual affairs.

12 Listings versus Information l Electronic equivalent of classified ads in a newspaper l Purpose to trigger a response, spark interest from the marketplace l Like signs on properties l Like ads in a newspaper

13 Effective Marketing Techniques l 95% of Brokers really have not arrived on the Internet in an effective fashion l Missing location, location, location l Web site to market location l What is the cost? Absolutely free. l Save $10,000 with one link. l Sellers will like it very much.

14 The Power of Linking l One of most powerful features of the Internet l Instead of building web site to market location, link to one already built l The Power of Linking –Economic Development Agencies, Chamber of Commerce, Provincial, National web sites. –Photos, Virtual Tours, Sound Bytes, Video. Picture worth a thousand words.

15 Powerful Distribution Methods EMail l Group Send –from your own Email program l List Services –CCIM –ICIWorld l Database Service Bureau –CCIM, Real Estate Boards, Independent Services compatible with organized real estate

16 Email One of the Powers of the Internet l Many benefits - closer to customers, obtaining new prospects, clients, etc. l Problem today –Everyone is suffering from information overload –Everyone is overwhelmed with information l Solutions and Concepts - Targeting of information.

17 Internet List Services and EMail Data Bases l ICIWorld world wide Email programs. l Hundreds of Email List Services... And more being built! l Free to the industry/public to Subscribe/Unsubscribe l Reaching tens of thousands, instantly, automatically.

18 Email - General/Specialize General l Benefits Digest versus Individual Listings l Receive only if and and when available l 30 day policy Specialize l By property type l By geographic area. l Buyers and tenants looking for space. l Private FSBO Listings delivered to broker members within 1 hr.

19 Home Pages l Why have a home page? There is a market of over 600,000,000 people! l Cost - from free, to $150, to $240/yr. and up. l Purpose - advertising and networking. Personalizes you. l Benefits - sellers and buyers

20 Add 10,000 Listings to Your Home Page... with one button l Structured so that people have to call you! l Links for your listings l Specialty links.

21 Internet Promotion l Once you are on the Internet promote : –Home Page –Haves and Wants –Services and/or Products l Search Engines l Major Traffic Centers l Constant and ongoing promotion l Reasonable costs.

22 Training l We provide training in your office over the phone while you are on the internet. l You must know how to turn on a computer and get on the internet. l We have been training brokers for years, by appointment. l Ten point checklist, concepts for the broker, technical information for assistants.

23 Brokers Biggest Responsibility l To recognize important information l To write it down l Delegate l Learn how the internet works l Ask for help from people that can help.

24 Time Management l 30 second test l Have and Want Sheets - Each one worth $$$ l If you are parked in front of a computer you wont make money. l You make money talking to people. l Delegate. Ask for help.

25 The Bottom Line l The Internet helps make more money... easier. –Increase revenues through more deals through more opportunities –Reduce Costs - reach a world market for under a $300 per year. –Now you can do both at the same time. –Instead of one ad, all your ads. Removes the restriction on networking information.

26 Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you. Get excited... There is a lot more opportunity than you ever dreamed of.

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