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EFR Follow-up Activities Contact:

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1 EFR Follow-up Activities Contact:

2 EFR: Background OECD-DAC / PEP work on Environmental Fiscal Reform Task Force developed policy papers: OECD-DAC Reference Paper on EFR target group = mainly donors Joint Agency Paper on EFR (signed by 10 agencies) target group = partner countries Workshop Proceedings (Forests, Fisheries) and country studies (India, South Africa, China) Since June 2005 all publications are published and available for dissemination

3 EFR: Dissemination Successful presentation at the IUCN congress in Bangkok November 2004 continue to make use of international events in a similar way Need to spread the word in our own agencies: often EFR is still not a much known concept - high level round tables - use OECD Joint-Ministerial to place EFR on the internal agenda of dev. coop. agencies - organize presentations in our agencies ( invite each other for these to help spread the word?)

4 EFR: Pilots For Implementation Supra-Regional: SIDA expands environmental economics doctorate programme; BMZ/GTZ study on EFR instruments in the forest sector in 16 countries Pakistan: SDC and IUCN launching research work on EFR India: UNEP holding seminars on EFR at state level Nicaragua: BMZ/GTZ study on EFR in the forest sector envisaging support to reform process (starting with a governance workshop) Brazil: BMZ/GTZ envisaging support to EFR processes in the forest sector

5 EFR: Berlin Workshop in 2006? International Follow-up Workshop envisaged & announced for 2006 in Berlin useful exercise to have the workshop? - significant interest in EFR as a necessary complementary approach to tackle growth & sustainability challenges as highlighted by BRICS at conference in Berlin 09/2005 - general idea focus on exchange on practice of EFR - focussing on EFR without donor involvement or is there enough practice out there in supporting EFR processes? - focussing on selected natural ressources sectors & linking EFR, pro poor growth and governance agenda in workshop?

6 EFR: For Discussion Any information missing in this short overview? Berlin Workshop? Touring around agencies to present the concept internally? High level round table on EFR and the MDGs (or similar)? Further ideas for next steps?

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