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and the ADB Poverty & Environment Program

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1 www.PovertyEnvironment.Net and the ADB Poverty & Environment Program
David S. McCauley Senior Environmental Economist Asian Development Bank 9th Poverty and Environment Partnership Meeting June 13-15, Washington, DC

2 Presentation Outline PovertyEnvironment.Net Origins and Goals
Current Status of the Website Information Dissemination and Capture ADB’s Poverty & Environment Program Links Next Steps

3 Origin of PovertyEnvironment.Net
Netherlands February 2004 PEP members agreed a website should be established to support Partnership efforts around the world ADB indicated intent to launch a website for its Poverty & Environment (P&E) Program and possible broader use of that website Berlin November 2004, ADB confirmed offer to develop and fund a Partnership website for 2-3 years

4 Objectives of PovertyEnvironment.Net
Promote poverty-environment initiatives by providing dedicated space for sharing and disseminating knowledge and lessons to tackle the environmental dimensions of poverty Foster informal exchange and collaboration with all potentially interested P-E stakeholders from Asia and other parts of the world Provide a dedicated section for PEP as a medium for information exchange for PEP members

5 2005: Inception Phase Early 2005: Inception note prepared and distributed to PEP members for comment August 2005: Beta version released September 2005: Site launched October 2005 (Ottawa): Guidelines for website links and use presented to PEP members

6 The Site As of now: 181 documents indexed
Categories with most entries: Analytical Studies (114) Natural Resources (64) Lowest entries: Global/regional All but Asia-Pacific More documents on the focal area of natural resources and analytical studies are indexed

7 Updates “Feature Articles” and “Partner in Focus” –
Focusing on one topic or organization and linked to related documents, events. New feature uploaded every 2 weeks.

8 2006 Stats Includes repeat visitors
Peaked in April, but seems to have maintained that level. Waiting for more stats on the response of readers to the featured topics and organizations.

9 2006 Stats While visits seem to have peaked, page view stats are still growing. Readers are looking at more and more pages every month. A response to the increase in site content that we have implemented.

10 2006 Stats Determined through IP Address lookups.
Marked increase in US visitors attributed to Microsoft Corp. Visitors are accessing through university/ office ISPs No obvious trend yet -- composition of top 30 visitor countries change from month to month

11 2006 Stats

12 Links to Date PEP Members: ADB (
(only a few!!!) WORLD BANK ( DANIDA ( OECD ( Others (good for them!!): e-Network on Strategic Planning and Management of Water Resources in Asia and the Pacific ( ADB Water for All ( Nature and Poverty ( Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management ( Poverty and Conservation Learning Group ( Poverty Map ( PEP Members Not Yet: (You KNOW who you are!) There are only 4 PEP members who have linked their websites to PovertyEnvironment.Net – a very disappointing response… Based on interest, a few other websites have been linked. It’s imperative that the remaining PEP members establish links as soon as possible!

13 ADB’s “PEP” Structured Learning – poverty-environment links and practices Pilot interventions, analysis, dissemination 16 grants – green, brown, vulnerabilities PovertyEnvironment.Net as capture/outreach IUCN-ADB – Poverty, Health, Environment Environment and MDGs Paper Assessment and next phase of ADB program ADB’s Poverty and Environment Program was established 2 years ago as a structured learning program to help identify important poverty-environment links in Asia and the Pacific as well as promising approaches to encouraging pro-poor growth linked to environment and natural resouces management. 13 grants have been given across Asia-Pacific. It comprises a series of grants for pilot interventions, analytical studies and efforts to encourage improved outreach and information dissemination. PovertyEnvironment.Net is one such example, and the forthcoming IUCN-ADB book on Poverty, Health and the Environment is another. ADB also is preparing a synthesis paper on poverty-environment links to MDGs achievement in Asia and the Pacific. An internal assessment is being used as the basis for framing a second phase of activities likely to expand work beyond current areas and to focus more on mainstreaming within ADB’s operations and programs.

14 Next Steps Poverty & Environment Partnership organizations must link to the PEP website! Learning together – using the PEP website to further information exchange & dialog Expanded use of the site to feature PEP member calendars, lessons and activities Working together – looking for compatabilities, including invitation for closer collaboration with ADB in Asia-Pacific Need to get those websites linked to encourage knowledge capture and dissemination. The website can be used as an active mechanism also for encouraging stronger PEP member networking, including collaboration with ADB in Asia and the Pacific.

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