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Jim DeRoest Director, e-Science Initiatives Pacific Northwest Gigapop Director, Technology Initiatives ResearchChannel, U Washington

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1 Jim DeRoest Director, e-Science Initiatives Pacific Northwest Gigapop Director, Technology Initiatives ResearchChannel, U Washington High Definition Video & Collaboration Platforms for e-Research

2 Agenda iHDTV – High Definition Video Conferencing Platform Architecture Development History Research1 – Social Web Platform for e-Science Features Demonstration Roadmap 2/4/2014Title of Presentation, if desired2

3 iHDTV … What is it? Low latency, uncompressed multipoint HD over IP Project started in 1999 – 40Mbps, 270Mbps HDCAM, 1.5Gbps Format: uncompressed SMPTE 292M 4:2:2 1080i 60 Data rate total approx 1.5 Gbps per TX RX pair No compression to eliminate encode/decode latency Exploit R&E network bandwidth – No FEC Live camera feed and file playback HD SDI input -> HD capture card -> packetize -> IP Audio 6 channels Software mix-minus Separate packet stream – muxed with video at RX end

4 iHDTV … Hardware Hardware OS configuration Commodity Dual Proc or Core Duo PCI Express HD capture cards – TX Blackmagic Declink, RX AJA Xena Windows XP - investigating Linux capture card driver issue Latency Approx 120ms + network delay TX (2 frames), RX (2 frames) Hardware frame buffering feature of capture cards

5 iHDTV … Display Tiled screen - participants Sub-sampled 1.5Gbps/number of TX clients TX tiles multicast by venue service Tiled screen and layout constructed by RX client Full screen – primary speaker Controled by venue sevice Instructs sender to include TX remainder Multicast by venue service Total bandwidth full screen display + tiled display = 3Gbps

6 iHDTV … Network Need jumbo enabled bandwidth!!! Total bandwidth full screen display + tiled display = 3Gbps Packet replicators for multicast/unicast tunneling

7 iHDTV N-Way Venue Configuration Remote client site equipment: 2 RX iHDTV systems 1 TX iHDTV systems Persistent UW venue site equipment: 8 RX iHDTV systems 2 TX iHDTV systems Packet Replicators for multicast/unicast tunneling

8 iHDTV Remote Client

9 iHDTV Venue Service

10 iHDTV N-Way Conferencing iGrid, SC05, SC06

11 iHDTV Extreme: iGrid VISIONS05 iHDTV Extreme: iGrid VISIONS05

12 iHDTV and Optiportal – SC07 Integration with EVL Sage Runs as a Sage application using Sage libraries Software rendering on the RX end Audio managed by iHDTV Software rendering latency similar to hardware

13 iHDTV … Status … Work to Do … Status Persistent N-Way service - U Wash, CalIt2, U Mich, U Wisc Optiportal integration Open source – source forge, Apache 2 - Research Projects GUI – Operation, monitoring, stats,etc RX rendering on the desktop NTT i-Visto integration – ½ frame latency 4K – Red camera, Quad iHDTV transport Codec/bandwidth bridging service Interoperation – UltraGrid, et al More Information Mike Wellings Jim DeRoest

14 2/4/2014Title of Presentation, if desired14 Research1 is an online community that allows researchers to collaborate with peers, and share information and digital media with the general public.

15 15 Serve as a premier outlet for researchers to fulfill their public outreach requirements Foster interaction and communication between members of the public and researchers Provide a collaborative platform to teams who could potentially be geographically dispersed Primary Functions

16 16 Easily create a Project Hub that serves as a public-facing webspace for their work and/or a private collaboration area for team members Easily upload, store, tag, and publish digital media in multiple formats including video, audio, images and documents Publish a blog for the project to discuss ongoing work Interact with other researchers and the general public through project- and discipline-specific message boards, private messaging, grid toolkit, and IP-based videoconferencing Core Features for Researchers

17 17 Growing population of myspace-like collaboratory portals myExperiment, Sci-Vee, EcoSpace, CalIT2 Research.Intelligence, ourSpace… Grid, Cloud, favorite buzz word enabled YouTube for research Research1 – How is it different? Public facing, social interface to e-Research activities. Interoperate with e-Research portals – peer collaboration. Manage/deliver low bandwidth and high bandwidth essence objects Multi-discipline yet research focused vs. lost in theYouTube ether

18 Demonstration

19 Architecture o.Net, Web 2.0 platform o Social Services – Community Server o Federation Services - Shibboleth, InCommon o Asset Management - DigitalWell

20 Next Steps … Phase II Simplify access/sharing – conduit to where science happens o Portals and applications Teragrid, Birn, Many Eyes, Hastac, Mirex, Dariah, … o Platform suites OSG VDT, OGF SOKU, GENI, Semantic Web, … o Communities, Virtual Organizations I2 CoManage, GSI, GridShib, VO, …

21 Next Steps … Phase II Services o Computational Grids Live visualization, rendering, encoding services, portals o Data Grids Structured/unstructured data, semantic tagging o Video Conferencing iHDTV1500 N-Way, UltraGrid, … o PDA services Email blog posting, iPhone video player, …

22 Deployment Timeline o Current: Beta prototype selected early adopter PIs o Summer 08: Phase 2 research collaboration services Collaboration Invitation o Interest in creating a Research1 project spaces o Architecture development, research, partnership o Contact, Information Jim DeRoest Amy Philipson

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