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APAN Application Technology Area HDTV WG Meeting Date : 2004.7.6 18 th APAN Cairns.

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1 APAN Application Technology Area HDTV WG Meeting Date : th APAN Cairns

2 2 Agenda Reports: HDV over IP technology update (JongWon Kim) HDVTS: HDV over IP (speaker: KAIST Joonbock Lee) Budda on the Net update (speaker: ANF DY Kim) Discussions (all participants) HDV over IP collaboration Video for AG collaboration WG charter review

3 3 HDTV Session Presentations Uncompressed HD video streaming with congestion control USC ISI Ladan Gharai and University of Glasgow Colin Perkins (remote) An overview of Bigvideo desktop HD and DVTS multicast infrastructure Internet2 Bob Riddle, ResearchChannel Jim DeRoest / Mike Wellings Development and Evaluation of Robust HDTV Transmission System using FEC Tohru Kondo, Kouji Nishimura, Reiji Aibara (Hiroshima University) (remote by Polycom and HDV)

4 4 HDTV & AG Session Presentations VP - a replacement for vic for Access Grid Markus Buchhorn, Head ANU Internet Futures Access Grid with HDV/DV Extension JongWon Kim / ACE Team, GIST Multicast monitoring system for Access Grid Jinyong Jo and Okhwan Byeon, KISTI

5 5 Discussions HDV over IP collaboration Other HDTV over IP Korea on the Net Access Grid ?

6 6 HDTV WG Objective 1.Collaborate on the development of HDTV delivery technology over regional & international R&D networks 2.Construct the HDTV-enabled advanced media distribution infrastructure by deploying the developed HDTV toolkit 3.Share and promote the distribution of HDTV contents over the media distribution infrastructure 4.Assist application and user communities to enable HDTV-supported collaboration 5.Establish joint efforts with Internet2 on HDTV

7 7 HDTV WG Milestones 1.HDTV Delivery Toolkits for MPEG-2 Compressed - MPEG-2 TS over RTP/UDP/IP - IEEE 1394 issues - Stored vs Live (HDV Camcoders: JVC, HD Reception card) - Software vs. Hardware-assisted decoders HDCAM Compressed (220 Mbps) - UW Research Channel Collaboration Uncompressed HDTV (1.5 Gbps) - with APAN Lambda networking 2.Multicast-based HDTV distribution infrastructure (linking servers and clients) 3.HDTV contents sharing WWW Portal

8 ? Contact: Chair JongWon Kim (GIST) See for related info HDTV WG

9 HDTV Sessions -Three HDTV sessions -Demonstration by ResearchChannel -HDTV session (3 presentations) -Access Grid & HDTV session (3 presentations)

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