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ConferenceXP and Distance Learning at UW CSE Fred Videon & Rod Prieto.

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1 ConferenceXP and Distance Learning at UW CSE Fred Videon & Rod Prieto

2 Agenda for Today ConferenceXP Classroom Presenter Archiving/Playback Configuration of this Room Future Work Demos Questions/Discussion

3 ConferenceXP Platform for Real-time collaboration High-quality multipoint conferencing Full-screen, real-time video at 30 fps Built-in presentation capability, whiteboard & screen sharing

4 A Brief History of ConferenceXP Project began at MSR in 2001 as DISC Successful UW deployment for distance learning, Spring 2003 4-way distance learning deployments Autumn 2004, 2005 & 2006 July 2007: UW Center for Collaborative Technologies founded to continue CXP development & support

5 ConferenceXP Services Venue Service – Provide virtual meeting spaces – Simple web service Archive Service – Conference archive & playback Reflector Service – Unicast tunnel – Multicast support is not great in many areas

6 ConferenceXP is a Shared Source Platform Provides a great platform for research in collaborative environments – APIs designed for extensibility –.Net Framework shortens development cycle – Includes rich AV device support Provides a proven platform for distance learning and distributed meetings – Existing tools support integrated TabletPC based presentation, archive post-processing and integrated archive playback

7 Classroom Presenter Tablet PC Based Distributed Presentation System Instructor navigation and annotation on local and remote displays Students can contribute to class using digital ink on instructors slide Integrates well with ConferenceXP and ConferenceXP archiving Also fine as a stand-alone presentation system Open source license (for non-RTP version)

8 Classroom Presenter Student Submission Example Instructor Projected Display Students

9 Multicast CXP Archive Service CXP Audio/Video (multiple sites) Classroom Presenter Instructor Tablet Classroom Presenter Projected Displays (Multiple Sites) Archiving Schematic All devices use CXP Multicast Networking CXP Archive Service provides a simple way to collect all classroom activity

10 Archiving, Processing, Playback All data on the wire captured in SQL Server database Post-processing tools extract WMV and XML representation of the Presentation, Ink, and Table of Contents. Archive materials are packaged for download and streaming in custom WebViewer application MPEG-4 version produced for Mac/Linux clients

11 Archive Playback Future Work: Port WebViewer to Silverlight!

12 Configuration of this Room 2 Computers – CXP runs on Windows XP or Vista – Medium-high end CPU and graphics rendering Audio – ClearOne XAP hardware echo cancellation – Ceiling mics + wireless Lav mics 3 cameras with pan-tilt-zoom controls 3 projectors

13 What’s Next for ConferenceXP CXP 5.0: Aiming for Summer 2008 Release – Improved Diagnostics – Security Enhancements – Support for Heterogeneous Network Capabilities Beyond 5.0 – High Definition Video

14 Get the ConferenceXP Source ConferenceXP and related projects are available in source & binary distributions – Collaborate with us on new features, etc.

15 Resources & Contacts CCT Website/Wiki MSR ConferenceXP Site Email List Contacts:

16 Demos ConferenceXP Demo – Additonal CXP Features: Screen streaming Shared Browser WM playback Archive Production Demo

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