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History of Internet in Singapore APAN Meeting Busan, August 2003.

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1 History of Internet in Singapore APAN Meeting Busan, August 2003

2 Background 4 components Commodity Internet for R&E community Commodity Internet commercialisation Internet2 for R&E community Domestic Broadband infrastructure

3 Chronology of Major Events 1987NUS 4.8 kbps BITNET link to CUNY paved the way for the introduction of the Internet to Singapore 1990NUS 64 kbps link to Princeton via NSFNET 1991NUS launches NUSNET the first major campus network in the region linking over 3000 computers Tertiary institutions in Singapore get access to Internet via NUS aggregation point 1992Launch of Technet the first R&D network in Singapore, enabling academia, government and industry to collaborate more effectively with one another 1994SingTel launches SingNet the first commercial ISP in Singapore

4 Chronology of Major Events (cont) 1995Technet sold to a consortium comprising of Sembawang Media, ST Computer Systems and Singapore International Media to form Pacific Internet or PacNet, Singapore's second ISP 1996Singapore joins APAN as one of the founding members 1997Singapore-ONE is launched – the first national broadband network in the region based on OC-3 ATM infrastructure SingTel launches ADSL services SingAREN is launched with a 14 Mbps link from Singapore to StarTAP in Nov 1997 – the first Internet2 connection outside USA after Canada SingAREN establishes link to Canada's CA*NET II 1998SingAREN establishes direct link with Japan under auspices of MPT, Japan SingAREN designated as APAN Hub

5 Chronology of Major Events (cont) 1999Singapore establishes satellite C band link with AI3 via JSAT as part of Satellite Internet Competency Unit Project Collaboration Singapore Cable Vision offers commercial cable modem services 2000Singapore establishes direct link with Korea as part of TEIN initiative 2001BioInformatics Institute launches the Bio-Medical Grid initiative SingAREN upgrades bandwidth to 27 Mbps to vBNS 2002A*STAR forms National Grid Committee SingAREN upgrades to 90 Mbps Bandwidth to Abilene/vBNS and migrates from ATM to POS 2003A*STAR launches the National Grid Pilot Project SingAREN changes funding model from agency-supported model to community supported-model

6 Dialup Internet Penetration

7 Broadband User Penetration

8 Types of Access Connection

9 Acknowledgements Bernard Tan Thio Hoe Tong Tan Tin Wee A Ananda Francis Yeoh Tommy Chen

10 The Singapore Advanced Research & Education Network

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