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Welcome to Ms. Catalano’s Math Class A positive attitude is key to success!

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1 Welcome to Ms. Catalano’s Math Class A positive attitude is key to success!

2 Let’s Review the Topics From Day 1 1)What do we do at the beginning of class? 2) What do we need to bring to class? 3) How many absences/tardies can you have? 4) How will you be graded? 5) What are the guidelines about homework? 6) How do you come for extra help? 7) Treat everyone, and their belongings, with respect!

3 In order to be successful at learning, we need to follow some procedures

4 Entering the Classroom Please enter quietly Make sure you have all the materials for class Sit in your assigned seat Turn in your homework Begin your Bell Work assignment/Follow directions on the front board

5 What happens if you get to class before I do?

6 If You Come to Class Late …  Enter quietly  Hand me your late pass  Have a seat and take out your materials

7 What If You Are Absent? It is your responsibility to get any missed work from your classes absent folder. Turn in homework from day you were absent. Make-up quiz/test if appropriate

8 What If I Need Your Attention? ~ I will raise my hand first, in front of the class. ~ All students must then raise their hand. ~ I will not speak until the class is quiet.

9 What If You Don’t Have Your Work? This is for students who DO NOT have the assigned work. Homework Classwork Graded Assignment You are to fill out the form and turn it to me.

10 Class Discussions Please Participate! I want to hear what you have to say. Make sure all comments and questions are relevant to the current discussion If you have a comment/question that is off topic, you are welcome to ask me later on at the appropriate time.

11 Moving Around the Room Do not ask to leave during a class discussion unless it is an emergency.

12 What If You Finish Early? Work on unfinished math assignments Work on the skills handbook in the back of your textbook. Work on a sudoku, puzzle, or challenge problem from the Brain Busters Folder.

13 ~ The teacher dismisses the class, NOT the bell. ~ All students must stay seated until dismissed. ~ Do NOT start packing up before the bell.

14 Emergency Evacuation Drills Fire Drills LockdownShelter in Place

15 And Finally … Follow ALL policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook.

16 Remember … Let’s work together! If we all do our jobs we will work together to create a great, educational year! To an Awesome year! Ms. Catalano

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