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Roman Noetzel, DLR Mediterranean Innovation and Research Coordination Action - MIRA (Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space - EMIS) Roman Noetzel, DLR International.

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1 Roman Noetzel, DLR Mediterranean Innovation and Research Coordination Action - MIRA (Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space - EMIS) Roman Noetzel, DLR International Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany

2 Roman Noetzel, DLR Agenda Overview on MIRA Innovation Activities – Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space –Starting conditions for innovation activities in the region – EMIS Fora –Research Driven Cluster Initiative Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

3 Roman Noetzel, DLR MIRA Overview Coordinator: Prof. Rodriguez, CSIC (National Research Council), Spain Co-coordinator: PROF. EL MAJID ZAYER, Moroccan Ministry of Education and Research Duration: (2012) Budget Line: FP-INCO Partners: 30 (28 from the Med area + UK, Germany) Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

4 Roman Noetzel, DLR MIRA Overview Work Packages (selection): Observatory of UFM COUNTRIES cooperation in S&T Capacities building in the MPC for participation in the FP, and support to the Information Points Enhancing the MPC S&T cooperation, especially within FP7 –task lead DLR for Priority Setting Support to Programme Horizon 2020 Towards the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space (EMIS) Task Lead: CNRST, Morocco / Madrid+D, Spain Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

5 Roman Noetzel, DLR Innovation in the region Mediterranean Partner Countries: low amounts spent by countries on research and development have a negative impact on Arab innovation performance in quantitative and qualitative terms Outside of educational institutions, countries have made only modest efforts to transfer knowledge to the general public or to transfer either locally produced or imported knowledge to the production and service sectors Heterogeneous structures and capabilities Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

6 Roman Noetzel, DLR

7 Source: adapated from Global Competitiveness Report 2010/2011

8 Roman Noetzel, DLR Drivers for innovation Public/private support for renewable energies (Plan Solaire, DESERTEC, Mediterranean Solar Plan) Offshoring of ICT services to the MENA region (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey) Growing automotive sector as part of the supply chain for the European market (Morocco, Tunisia) Health services? Ongoing demand for innovation in the agricultural sector due to water scarcity, pollution, … Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

9 Roman Noetzel, DLR Key factors for innovation! Market knowledge User knowledge Research / technological capacities Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

10 Roman Noetzel, DLR Objective of EMIS The mobilization of innovation stakeholders in common framework and mutually beneficial partnership to develop a more intelligent and competitive Euro-Med space. Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

11 Roman Noetzel, DLR EMIS Architecture Research and Innovation Areas EMIS Management and tools EMIS Fora EU-MPC-Clustering Strategic Information (Webpage) EU-MPC-Technologytransfer EnergyHealth Environment (water management, ….) ICT New Topics (e.g. Transport, …) Cross cutting aspects Building Capacities Sharing Knowledge Focusing Innovation Skills development Fostering Partnerships Monitoring RDI

12 Roman Noetzel, DLR What is innovation? OECD –Oslo Manual: An innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product (good or service), or process, a new marketing method, or a new organisational method in business practices, workplace organisation or external relations. Europe Innovation Union: Change that speeds up and improves the way we conceive, develop, produce and access new products, industrial processes and services. Changes that create more jobs, improve peoples lives and build greener and better societies Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

13 Roman Noetzel, DLR Innovation / Levels Context related Innovation (e.g. governance, framework conditions, policies, infrastructures) Process related Innovation (e.g. technology transfer, knowledge generation, knowledge application and integration) Objective related Innovation (e. g. new products, services, new projects) Macro- Level (Policy) Meso- Level (Inter- mediaries) Micro- Level (firms) Institutional co-operation, Networking (e.g. MoCo, DG R&I, DG Enterprise, EIB, link to BILAT and Inco Net projects, ANIMA, Cluster Observatory) Research Driven Cluster, EMIS Fora, Network of Laboratories, link to MIRA-WP Horizon / Inco-Net WBC

14 Roman Noetzel, DLR Research Driven Cluster Initiative What is the aim? Within our EMIS activities we aim at the promotion of a Research Driven Cluster Initiative (RDCI) to enhance growth and competitiveness in the field of Water and Waste Water Management at transnational scale in the Mediterranean region. What is a cluster initiative? We perceive the transnational Research Driven Cluster Initiative as an organised international effort to increase the growth and competitiveness of cluster or network structures within a macro-region (EU-MPC) involving the research community, clusters, industry and government/ administration Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

15 Roman Noetzel, DLR Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

16 Roman Noetzel, DLR Cluster- Manage- ment New Technologies for Waste Water Management (focus on:???) Bridging the knowledge gap between science and industry Strategic Intelligence (Infor- mation, analysis) ??? Source: Roman Noetzel, DLR, P-06, own design Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

17 Roman Noetzel, DLR Nature and Role of the EMIS Fora The EMIS For a shall seek to validate the aim and structure and identify appropriate approaches of the Research Driven Cluster Initiative Targeting the macro (policy makers, ministries) and meso level (intermediaries, business associations, technology transfer units) Applying the triple helix concept by involving research, industry and public players Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

18 Roman Noetzel, DLR EMIS Fora (Morocco 2nd half 2011): Innovation in the EMIS What role can the concept of Research Driven Cluster play in line with the nature of innovation? – insights and experiences from existing clusters in the EU State of the Art: Clusters in the Mediterranean – a new concept or reality already? Cluster Policies, funding opportunities and other instruments at EU level to support cluster development The Need for Innovation and Clustering in the Sector of Waste Water Management / Presentations by EU, EIB, ANIMA, EEN, MIRA, … Parallel Sessions in small working groups on cluster development / Trainings Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space

19 Roman Noetzel, DLR Time Cluster Activities Cluster Development Stages and EMIS Fora EMIS Forum 2 RDC task 7 activities/1 EMIS Forum 1 RDC task 7 activities/2 Initiation Development Mature

20 Roman Noetzel, DLR Thank you for your attention! Roman Noetzel, DLR International Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany

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