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NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 Experience to benefit! NestorPartners Finland.

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1 NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 Experience to benefit! NestorPartners Finland

2 NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 NestorPartners  Board members, Advisors, Experts and Mentors  Extensive and solid experience  corporate senior management  various sectors and functions  Individually or as a team  In Finland and abroad NestorPartners 2014

3 NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 NestorPartners  Established in 1978 Long, successful careers in Finland and abroad Senior positions in private companies and public sector, non-profit organizations or as entrepreneurs and specialists Professional, impartial, ethical, confidential, accountable and free of conflict of interest ~ 60 members

4 NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 Experience Forest Industry Chemical Industry Building, Construction Real estate Finance, Insurance Media ICT Logistics Travel Industry Trade Metal Industry Engineering Food Industry Health Care

5 NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 Experience Innovations Marketing, Sales Human Resources General Management Product Development ICT Corporate restructuring Legal transactions Acquisitions IPR Public Relations IR Coaching Financal Management Technology and innovation management

6 NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 Nestors provide competence and expertise  Change leadership and management  Coaching  Financing  Improving board processes  Mergers & Acquisitions  Risk management  Turn-around situations

7 NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 Nestor as a Mentor  Defines the goals and schedule  personal development  management or leadership skills  improvement in decision making  Shares his experience to Client´ s benefit  Works in a partnership to evaluate issues from various perspectives

8 NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 Nestor as a Moderator  Nestors evaluate the company’s situation  Define the Workshop theme  Find appropriate member to facilitate the workshop  Ensure the viability of the Workshop  Nestor facilitates the Workshop, usually of one or two days.

9 NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 International activities  Seminars, company visits  Promoting ”Team Finland” activities  Monitoring Russian developments  Contacts with the Finnish Ministries  Advising Russian investors in Finland  Contacts with the EBRD  Organizing ”Think tank” activities of NestorPartners for PR NestorPartners 2014

10 NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 International references  SME-company projects in Russia  Import-export projects throughout the EU, Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)- Turn around Management (TAM) and Enterprise Growth (EGP)Projects  TV digitalization projects under contract to the Finnish Foreign Ministry  Advice and support for foreign companies looking to enter the Finnish market

11 NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 Contact information, Mr Jarmo Kuusivuori, Chairman on the Board, + 358 40 530 0799 Ms Elizabeth Asikainen, Executive manager, +358 40 701 1227

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