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Using the Career Portal Jefferson County Schools Administrator Access.

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1 Using the Career Portal Jefferson County Schools Administrator Access

2 How to Access The address for administrators: or The Career Portal Online program is designed to allow administrators to search for and view online applications.

3 First Page – You will need your username If you do not remember your login and password, contact Carol Baker or Connie Lemons. last name, first initial coleyj Case sensitive

4 Tips for using the portal DO NOT USE BACK BUTTON If you see an icon, mouse over it, and it will tell you what it is.

5 What do the icons mean? filter Tag maintenance Select all Select none Tag selected Show all Select by tag

6 Show List of Applicants C- Complete – the applicant has determined the application is complete. (You should still verify that all fields are complete and all documents are attached.) A – active-applicant is active Applicant designated as NEW have applied within the last 10 days. I – Ignore – can only be selected by a system administrator

7 Using the Filter If you want to view all the applicants that have a complete application. Select the Show Complete box and Apply

8 Find a specific applicant Coley

9 To find a applicant with a specific interest From the Career Portal main page, select REPORTS, then select applicants by or another other report category.

10 This list may be exported to Excel

11 Use the Search Tab to search by all or any of the designated fields. This allows a search by demographics, work history, endorsement codes, interest, etc. Be sure to clear Selections or applicants From the previous search will be included.

12 To select multiple criteria, select the first area, hold down CONTROL and make additional selections.

13 Remember: Applicant Detail – each field may be expanded to see complete information Private notes – may be subpoenaed Personal notes - may NOT be subpoenaed – and may be viewed only by the user who made them

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