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Fortune-Fit Wellness Program Enhancement. Healthcare Bill Passes!

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1 Fortune-Fit Wellness Program Enhancement

2 Healthcare Bill Passes!

3 A Wellness program…Why? Combat Rising Health Care Costs: -Only work site health promotion stands out as the long-term answer for keeping employees well. Increased Productivity - studies show that <27% of Americans feel truly engaged at work

4 A Wellness program…Why? Lower Absenteeism- Brigham Young University estimates that between “2.5-4.5% of money spent on salaries goes to absent employees.” Recruiting Retention- Americans are becoming more aware of the value of health

5 A Wellness program…Why? Lower Workers Comp Claims: wellness programs can significantly lower comp costs, because healthy workers are less prone to injury, if injured they recover more quickly than their out of shape co-workers. Conversely the out of shape employee is at higher risk for injury because of the extra weight they carry!

6 Wellness Note: Investment Return: Companies that invest in wellness programs have received an average of $24 return on every $1 invested in a wellness program.

7 A Wellness program…Why? Adults who are active are healthier, are less likely to develop many chronic diseases requiring fewer physician’s office visits and lower health care costs.

8 Wellness Program Enhancement Tools for Creating a Successful Wellness Program The Balanced Fitness Program: 2.5 hour introduction –Education for Employees –Guidance for Employees –Benefits for Employees who Participate

9 Wellness Program Enhancement (cont…) Education for Employees –Fortune-Fit provides a 45 minute nutritional information session by a Registered Dietitian -Fortune-Fit provides instruction of proper form and technique for physical activities in a fun boot camp hour –Fortune-Fit offers cooking demonstration and food pairing by featured local Chefs

10 Wellness Program Enhancement (cont…) One of the top 5 reasons people do not accomplish health and exercise related changes is due to a lack of dedicated time

11 Wellness Program Enhancement (cont…) Guidance for Employees –Fortune-Fit- provides structured fitness program demonstration- boot camp style –Fortune-Fit- offers continued and goal oriented support for individual employees and or group fitness actives for the workplace –Fortune-Fit- can help assess individual baseline fitness levels and monitor progress toward meeting goals

12 Wellness Program Enhancement (cont…) Group fitness activities encourage team building via camaraderie to accomplish health and fitness goals

13 Wellness Program Enhancement (cont…) Benefits to Employees who Participate –Many Health Insurance companies offer healthy employee incentives by reducing costs to the employer –Fortune-Fit- offers personal training sessions as an optional reward or incentive to continue or establish healthy habits –Fortune-Fit- provides web based featured “Success Stories”

14 Wellness Program Enhancement (cont…) Nothing speaks louder than a renewed sense of well being, improved energy levels, and increased productivity that come from weight loss and physical strength improvement

15 Fortune-Fit: The Business

16 Catering to Corporate America and Individual needs –Networking with other Personal Trainers and Fitness instructors –Networking with local Dieticians –Networking with local Restaurants and Chefs –All working in tandem to promote healthy balance

17 Fortune-Fit: The Business Networking with other Personal Trainers –Subcontracting keeps monthly costs down –Subcontracting is mutually beneficial Scheduling Financially Marketing for more individual business –Networking and subcontracting infuses variety to encompass a wide variety of needs

18 Fortune-Fit: The Business

19 Networking with local Dieticians –Creates mutually beneficial working relationship for current and future clients –Provides nutritional education by qualified personnel

20 Fortune-Fit: The Business Networking with Local Businesses and Chefs - Provides free advertisement for local restaurants and Chefs - Offers variety to clients and reinforces nutritional education - Chefs provide food quality selection instruction essential for healthy eating

21 Fortune-Fit: The Business ServiceProjected sales and price Balanced Fitness Program$75/person- 5 person minimum 2-3 introductory programs per week. Boot Camp Training3 days per week x 1Session per day x 4 or 6 week intervals with a minimum of 5 clients to attend at $10/person/session or minimum of $600 for the 4 week package and $850 (discounted price for 6 week program) These figures are based on a minimum of 5 participants with the fees increasing with the number of participants Personal Training 5 days per week x 1-3 sessions/week $ 50 /session or $ 475 (discounted price for 10 session bookings)

22 Fortune-Fit: The Business Personal Training 5 days per week x 1-3 sessions/week $50 /session in home $40 in my home and ½ off for each additional participant (discounted price for 10 session bookings) Pricing and Services (cont…)

23 Fortune-Fit: The Business

24 Initial monthly expense Amount ($) Payroll 1500 Utilities40 Gasoline/Auto150 Rent 0 Equipment Lease payments0 Gym memberships50 Internet Access40 Web Site Development and Hosting25 Advertising 350 InsurancePaid yearly Accounting/Legal 50 -budget for average billable charge Continued Education 50 Supplies 50 TOTAL expenses per month $ 2,430

25 Fortune-Fit: The Business First month figures: Gross profit $3,075 with a loss of -$175 Break even with Gross profit of $3,161 and pre- tax profit of $2965 at month 2. First 2 year pre tax profit margin estimations Project returns Year1Year 2Total / Average Yearly pre-tax profit $38,619$52,874 $80,127 % Yearly pre-tax profit Margin 33.79%45.86% 39.82% % Total Net return on capital employed 308.43%492.84% 400.64%

26 Fortune-Fit: The Business Thank you from Fortune-Fit Balanced fitness is your future!

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