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Sick and Tired of Employees Being Sick and Tired? Profiting from Worksite Wellness February 20, 2013.

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1 Sick and Tired of Employees Being Sick and Tired? Profiting from Worksite Wellness February 20, 2013

2 The Wellness Iceberg

3 Why Should I Care, Rebecca?

4 Uncle Sam Says So

5 Your Bottom Line Is At Stake During 2000–2004, cigarette smoking was estimated to be responsible for $193 billion ($96 billion in direct medical cost and $96.8 billion in lost productivity) in annual health-related economic losses in the United States Sedentary employees incur $250 more in annual health care costs than moderately active (1-2 times/wk) and very active (3 + times/wk) employees Obese employees (BMI > 35) have 4.2% higher health-related productivity loss, equal to $506 per employee per year. Medical costs paid for obese individuals $1,429 higher annually than for normal weight.

6 The Future Workforce is in Jeopardy

7 It Takes A Village

8 Objective: Identify one thing you can take back to your work site and implement to impact the health of your employees- today.

9 The Spectrum of Wellness

10 Benefit Design Health-Contingent Programs  Insurance Incentives and Tobacco Surcharge  Premium Differentials  Reduced Deductibles *Must meet 5 ACA Requirements Participatory Programs  Discounted Fitness Club Memberships  Reduced Cost Weight Loss Programs  Preventive Services  Mental Health Services, EAP  Tobacco Cessation Discounts  Sick Leave, FMLA Utilization

11 Policies  Tobacco-Free Workplace  E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers  Nicotine or Tobacco-Free Hiring  Healthy Meetings  Vending and Beverage Machine Standards  Nutrition Standards for Cafeterias and On-Site Food Vendors  Breastfeeding  Time and Space  Flexible Schedules/Work Release Time

12 Environmental Changes Food Environment  Healthy Vending, Lunch, Snack Options  Gardens  Non-Food Rewards and Recognition Opportunities For Physical Activity  Stairwell Lighting and Signage  Bike Racks  Shower and Locker Facilities  Walking Paths, Maps  Workout Equipment  Stability Balls, Standing Work Stations  Walking Meetings Tobacco-Free Workplace

13 Programs Wellness Coordinator or Committee Group Activities and Competitions  Weight Loss or Walking Challenges  On Site Exercise Classes  Company Teams in Health Events  Walking Club Education  Educational Campaigns  Newsletters, Weekly/Monthly Emails  Event Bulletin Board with Healthy Tips  Brown Bag Lunches  Screenings  Health Coaching  Tobacco Cessation Classes  Chronic Disease Self-Management Classes

14 SMALL GROUP ACTIVITY As a group, list the top three challenges to your current worksite wellness program, or the top three barriers to adopting a worksite wellness program if your organization does not already have one.

15 Money Demonstrating the Return on Investment  Health Care Costs  Absenteeism Although some comprehensive worksite wellness program have yielded as much as a $3 to $6 return on each $1 invested, it usually takes three to five years to realize these savings. An analysis of 22 large-employer studies showed significant positive impacts on healthcare costs and absenteeism: Employee healthcare costs were reduced $3.27 for every $1 spent on comprehensive worksite health programs. Absenteeism costs dropped by $2.73 for every $1 spent

16 Money Demonstrating the Return on Investment  Presenteeism  Quality  Innovation  Commitment  Morale  Recruitment  Reduced Turnover  Public Image

17 Time  Insurance Provider  Wellness Consultants  University Students and Interns  Wellness Committee or Coordinator  Online Resources  Your friendly neighborhood health department staff!

18 Power- Leadership  Participate and Engage- Walk Your Talk  Communicate Support  Allocate Resources

19 Others?

20 Now for the big question… What one thing will you do to address employee health in your worksite as a result of today’s discussion?

21 THANK YOU! Physical Activity and Nutrition Rebecca Lemmons, MHS 208-327-8619 Tobacco Joanne Graff 208-327-8543

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