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Welcome to the Year 6 Expectation Meeting Miss Harris Mrs Darr 17 th September 2010.

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1 Welcome to the Year 6 Expectation Meeting Miss Harris Mrs Darr 17 th September 2010

2 Contents: Preparing for SATs How to prepare Behaviour Homework Timetable Maths Literacy Reminders

3 Preparing for SATs This is a crucial year for the children! SATs tests are in May 2011 Revision class will run 3 times/ week from February 2011. Children that continuously work HARD in EVERY lesson could make 4 or even 5 sublevels progress (expected = 2 sublevels) One child last year in Year 6 went from a L2 – L5 in reading! It can be done with extremely hard work!

4 How can they prepare? Your child must come to school EVERY day. (They learn something new in every lesson – one day missed could mean your child missing out on vital understanding.) They must be ON TIME every day. Your child must behave in an appropriate manner at all times when at school. They are setting the example for the rest of the school!

5 Behaviour: We have agreed in Year 6 that all children should: Be mature and sensible Reach for the stars Always show good manners Always try their best at EVERYTHING

6 Homework Children should complete every piece of homework given on a Wednesday, bringing it in the following to discuss (this homework is specifically aimed at achieving Level 4 iand 5 n SATs). At home children should  Read every night – at least 30mins  Practise weekly spellings  Practise ALL time tables – They MUST know them by Year 6

7 Timetable: Monday – Literacy/ Maths/ PE/ Mental maths Tuesday – Maths/ Literacy/ Topic/ RE Wednesday – Maths/ Literacy/ Revision or ART Thursday – Maths/ Literacy/ PE/ PSHE Friday – Maths/ Literacy/ Science

8 Maths: Children find Maths hardest in this class. To achieve a Level 4, the children are going to have to work extremely hard in maths: They must know every times table by heart. They should be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide any number up to 1 million, including decimals. Find fractions, decimals, ratios and percentages of a number. Identify 2D and 3D shapes. and co-ordinates Find the mode, mean and median of numbers

9 Literacy: Writing – - Children need to practise their handwriting – it should be joined and remain consistent at all times -Children need to practise their weekly spellings (7 marks are awarded in the SATs test for spelling) -Children must continue to apply Level 4 VCOPs in their writing (see Literacy wall) Reading – -Standards in reading are below national average in the class. -Children must practise reading every night at home, bringing their reading book to school everyday. -Children would benefit from ‘questioning’ when reading to someone at home (Who, What, When, Where, Why, Feelings and Author)

10 Reminders: Your child is going to have to work incredibly hard this year. If they do, they will achieve results to be proud of. We promise we will do everything we can to ensure that every child achieves their true potential – we are very excited already about the potential in this class – we have enjoyed teaching them the last 2 weeks – some children’s behaviour has let them down these 2 weeks – this means they have missed out on learning already – we know this will improve though! If you have any questions or issues, please come and see me at anytime.

11 School Uniform Colours: Blue/ grey/ black P.E. Pumps / shorts / ‘T’ shirts Girls can wear tracksuit bottoms Winter: Blue jumper / grey or black skirt/ trousers/ white shirt/ blue/ black/ grey or white headscarf Summer: Blue check/ stripe dress, blue/white ‘T’ shirt or ‘polo shirt, grey/ black skirt/ trousers/ shorts and white headscarf Headscarf – no longer than shoulder length Skirts – should not be too short or too long

12 Thank you all for coming today: Your support today means a step closer to ensuring your child achieves their true potential

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