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Rev. 2011JUL-AWRS Remote Presentation Support Rick Sheets CRLA ITTPC Coordinator Paradise Valley CC, AZ (retired) Presenter Melissa Thomas President-Elect.

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1 Rev. 2011JUL-AWRS Remote Presentation Support Rick Sheets CRLA ITTPC Coordinator Paradise Valley CC, AZ (retired) Presenter Melissa Thomas President-Elect & 2012 Conf. Chair Univ of Texas-San Antonio NCLCA, Reno, NV, October 3-12, 2012 ITTPC: Getting The Basics"

2 Current ITTPC Reviewers

3 Getting the Basics Introductions History of tutoring & tutor training Benefits to certified programs Whats involved How to get started Tips for a good application Determining where YOU are in your certification process

4 A Brief History of Tutoring 1636 -When Harvard opened its doors as America's first college, many of its incoming students were not yet proficient in Latin. Harvard provided tutors to help these students acquire the proficiency needed to succeed. Van, B. (1992). College learning assistance programs: Ingredients for success. Journal of College Reading and Learning, 24(2), 27-39.

5 A Brief History of Tutoring 1907-Over half of the entering students at Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia failed to meet entrance requirements. Dr. Maxwell attributed this to their fierce competition for students. Maxwell, M. (1979). Improving student learning skills: A comprehensive guide to successful practices and programs for increasing the performance of underprepared students. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

6 History of Tutor Training 1989- The College Reading and Learning Association created the International Tutor Training Program Certification group, a volunteer peer review process.

7 History of Tutor Training 1992- the National Center for Developmental Education at Appalachian State University completed a follow-up study of over 6000 students enrolled in basic skill development classes nationwide. The study cited that "tutor training is the best programmatic predictor of successful college developmental education [basic skill development] programs" (Maxwell, 1993). Maxwell, M. (1993). Evaluating academic skills programs: A sourcebook. Kensington, MD: M. M. Associates.

8 History of Tutor Training 1997- Journal of Developmental Education article Program Components and their Relationship to Student Performance Hunter Boylan, Leonard Bliss, and Barbara Bonham identified the following: …centralized [or well- coordinated administrative] structure, tutoring with tutor training, and ongoing and systemic program evaluation are related to more [student] success variables than others.

9 Twenty-two years after its inception, CRLAs ITTPC has… About 800 certified programs Certified programs in 48 states plus DC & Puerto Rico Certified programs in six additional countries: Australia, Canada, Greece, Japan, Korea & Nicaragua Twenty certified reviewers (volunteers)

10 Endorsements Membership not required for tutor program certification Membership not required for tutor program certification Association for the Tutoring Profession Jack Truschel East Stroudsburg University East Stroudsburg, PA Jack.Truschel@po- Jack.Truschel@po- College Reading & Learning Association Karen S. Agee University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, Iowa National Association for Developmental Education Karen Patty-Graham Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, IL, retired 6 Wiltshire Court Edwardsville, IL. National Center for Developmental Education Hunter Boylan Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina National College Learning Center Association Alan Craig Georgia Perimeter College Dunwoody, GA

11 CLADE Certifications ATP – Two Programs:Certification of individuals as Tutors and Trainers. These can be trained using your specified needs as guided by best practices in tutoring. CRLA – Twp Programs: Certification of Tutor and Mentor Training Programs. ITTPC=Certification of Tutor Training Programs. The ITTPC guides you to train your tutors using a variety of activities through various skill levels. IMTPC= Certification of Mentor Training Programs. The IMTPC guides you to train your mentors using a variety of activities through various skill levels. NADE - Using Self-Assessments as a guide, NADE certifies programs in areas of Tutoring Services, Course-based Learning Assistance, and Developmental Coursework NCLCA - Certification for individuals as leaders in learning assistance through the Learning Center Leadership Certification (LCLC)

12 Benefits of CRLA/ITTPC Certification Provides program recognition Increases program visibility & credibility Documents your program & your professional initiatives Sets standards for tutor training Provides pathway for continued tutor development Recognizes individual experience and training Opportunity to share best practices with colleagues

13 How does it work? ITTPC is a 3 + 3 process: –Three levels of tutor training are optional –Three stages of program certification are mandatory –Levels and Stages must be sequential –You can mix & match with some restrictions –Certification is an ongoing endeavor with renewal taking place at various points in time

14 Three Levels of Training CRLA Certified Advanced Tutor, Level 2 CRLA Certified Master Tutor, Level 3 CRLA Certified Tutor, Level 1

15 1 st Stage New Certification I Year 2 nd Stage Reflection & Renewal Certification 3 Years 3 rd Stage Re-Certification Every 5 Years Three Stages of Program Certification

16 Fees $150 for any single level of certification Remember certification applications must be consecutive: Level 1 then Level 2, then Level 3 $250 for any two levels of certification with applications submitted at the same time 1&2 or 2&3 $350 for all three levels of ITTPC certification with applications submitted at the same time CRLA now has Site-wide fees and certification for campus-wide multiple site or district-wide tutor training programs. For details see application_process.htm.application_process.htm * fees for electronic applications. Paper applications incur additional costs

17 Process Tips Samples How to get started On the ITTPC Website:

18 The Process 1.Read the requirements for each level 2.Determine where your program is already aligned with CRLA requirements 3.Determine which levels are appropriate for your initial application 4.Gather sample materials you plan to include 5.Read instructions before beginning the application, complete the application step by step 6.Follow the requirement checklist and tips 7.Complete the (optional) self-check

19 Top Ten TIPS 1.Get organized 2.Implement your program and make adjustments prior to submitting your application 3.Read and follow all of the application instructions 4.Refer to the webpage and sample applications 5.Demonstrate how you meet the requirements

20 Top Ten TIPS 6.Be clear and succinct 7.Have someone else read your application 8.Label sections correctly 9.Provide specific examples-we prefer completed sample forms instead of blank forms 10.Provide specific citations-links are most appreciated

21 Application Samples Two outstanding application samples provide some organization suggestions. In addition programs of other highly-rated ITTPC application packets agreed to allow us to share their applications with you.

22 What can delay your review ? 1.Titles that dont match the required topics 2.Unclear or incomplete narrative 3.Lack of attention to copyright 4.Vague and time consuming documentation 5.Non specific references to see Tutor Training manual 6.Requesting certification for a program that ITTPC does not certify

23 What can delay your review ? 7.Not following the order of the application, omitting entire sections or inconsistencies in the application 8.One certification for multiple programs, campuses, training, etc. 9.Vague timeframes 10.Not paying the fee, or paying an incorrect amount

24 The Application Rick Sheets 623-240-0572 10a-4p MST (AZ)

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