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Retention Reviews Patricia Linton Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences.

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1 Retention Reviews Patricia Linton Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

2 Faculty Services Kim Perkins Faculty Services Director

3 UAFT – Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 5 UNAC – Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 9 Faculty Services website: Links to: College and School Criteria and Procedures Board of Regents Policy UAA Policy UAFT Collective Bargaining Agreement UNAC Collective Bargaining Agreement Due dates for the entire process Where to find information

4 Extended campus director (if applicable) Department Chair (if applicable) College peer-review committee Dean File submitted each year until tenured Levels of Review UAFT

5 Department chair at the request of the dean (if tenured) Dean File submitted each year until tenured Levels of Review UNAC

6 Department chair (if tenured) College Peer-Review Committee Dean University-wide Faculty Evaluation Committee Provost Chancellor (optional at faculty members request) Fourth Year Comprehensive UNAC

7 UNAC files are due to the dean by September 5 (may change to September 10 with new contract) UAFT files are due to the dean/director by September 28 Due dates

8 Yes There are files in CAFÉ Your deans office can suggest a colleague who had a successful file Sample notebook on Faculty Services website Ask questions Contact your union Are there examples to look at?

9 Retention Reviews Frequency Scope Evaluative standard Annual until tenure Review of prior academic year except UNAC fourth year comprehensive review Potential for success

10 Format of File Organized by workload category Table of Contents Labels on divider tabs in words (not numbers keyed to another page) One medium-sized binder for retention reviews; no boxes, no plastic sleeves. Be selective

11 Contents of Annual Retention File Vita Self-review + Goals & Objectives Workload Agreement for year under review Annual Activity Report for year under review Section on each workload category (teaching, research, service) Past reviews (findings & recommendations) Verification of appropriate degree (certified transcript or statement that transcript is on file at OAA; included year to year)

12 Self-Review Discuss –Teaching –Service –Research / Creative Activity –Professional agenda Analyze and evaluate; dont just list. Thoughtful discussion is valued Articulate goals & objectives either in a separate section or as part of self-review

13 Contents of File: Teaching List of Courses taught (indicate new preps) Course syllabi Student evaluation summaries * Other suggestions –Evaluation by peers –Innovations in teaching –Evidence of student success Student research Student Showcase Student publication; scholarships; exit tests

14 Contents of File: Service Work toward fulfillment of different types of service, but not necessarily all at once –University Departmental committees Faculty governance University committees or task forces –Professional (disciplinary, regional or national) –Public/Community (professionally related and recognized; not just good citizenship)

15 Contents of File: Researc h Products of research or creative activity –Publication –Grants awarded –Presentation or exhibition Progress in research agenda –Manuscripts in draft? Under review? In revision? –Grant proposals submitted –Other

16 Contents of File: Professional Development Advancement of professional skills; development of new competencies –CAFÉ –Disciplinary development –New technology

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