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Source: Robert E. Peary

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1 Source: Robert E. Peary


3 Navigation by sextant, magnetic compass, and visual sastrugi wind surface markings: 413 nautical miles in 37 days Today: GPS!

4 Migration of the Pole Natural Resource Canada

5 Peary set out onto the polar sea ice with 6 expedition members, 21 Eskimos, and the best 140 dogs (out of 246) with 19 sleds carrying loads of 450 to 500 lbs. He formed them into 6 teams (divisions) and they broke the trail, established igloo camps, and carried out a system of one- way relays to move supplies forward, sending the injured and poorer performers back to land, one team at a time along the way to 88° N, while Peary saved his own energy for the final dash. Ward Hunt Island By 88°N, Peary had the choice of the 4 most motivated Eskimos, the best 40 dogs and 5 sleds. 88°NThe Pole! ~25 miles/day

6 Source: Ooqueah Ootah Henson Egingwah Seegloo The North Pole: April 6, 1909

7 The North Pole Math Game 10,000 lbs of supplies (food, fuel, shelter…) 20 sleds that can carry 500lbs 140 dogs (7 per sled) ~500 miles to travel (inc. detours) Each team has to have enough supplies to return….and the return gets longer for each of the later support teams… Assume 5 teams of 4 sleds (100 miles for team 1, 200 for team 2…etc). What is the total distance travelled? How much food etc must you cache to supply the next group?

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