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Grammar Unit Interjections.

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1 Grammar Unit Interjections

2 Let’s Review . . . The interjection is the last of the eight parts of speech. Just for the record, here are all eight: Noun Pronoun Adjective Verb Adverb Preposition Conjunction Interjection

3 First, let's start with a basic definition:
Interjections are exclamatory words that express strong emotion. Interjections have no other grammatical connection with or relationship to the rest of the sentence.

4 Interjections: Interjections may be followed by either commas or exclamation points. Examples: Ouch! That hurt! Oh, what a wonderful movie! Great! What a terrific idea! Aha! I've found your secret! Alas, the poet was no more.

5 Let’s practice . . . Write 10 sentences that include funny interjections and then we will share with the class.

6 WOW! It’s almost time for the quiz!
Take a moment to brush up on interjections.


8 Interjection Quiz Identify the interjections in the following sentences. Goodness! He listened to the man's story and reported it to the police immediately! Oh, I haven't seen my brother since he left for college! Oops! I dropped the jelly. No! Don't touch that! Help! I'm about to fall! The poor dear was, alas, destitute and hungry. Wait! Don't leave me behind in this cave! Ah, I've heard that trick before.

9 Interjection Homework
Write 3 paragraphs (at least 10 sentences) describing your first day of school and include as many interjections as possible. Use them correctly and underline them in LIGHT BLUE pen or pencil.

10 Answers Goodness Oh Oops No Help Alas Wait Ah

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