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Land and People of Latin America.

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1 Land and People of Latin America

2 Vocabulary Latin

3 Latin a very old language that few people speak today
many words and languages developed from Latin The languages of Spanish and Portuguese are developed from Latin. An example of a word from Latin is hospital Latin word = hospitalis means guest

4 * An imaginary line that divides the globe in half
Equator * An imaginary line that divides the globe in half

5 Tropics A hot region near the equator. Tropics Tropics

6 Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
* The top half of the globe, above the equator Equator Southern Hemisphere * The bottom half of the globe, below the equator

7 Tropical Climate * Hot all the time
* Gets more sunlight for a longer time than any other part of the world * Very rainy

8 Tropical Rain Forest * Thick forests found near the equator
* Grow where the climate is very hot and very wet * The largest tropical rain forest is in South America. * Smaller tropical rain forests can be found in Central America and on islands in the Caribbean Sea.

9 Elevation * How high the land is

10 Mestizos * People who live in Latin America that are both white and Indian. There families were from Europe and were Indians

11 Developing Nations * A nation with a low standard of living and not much industry. * In the cities, most people work at service jobs or in factories. * Many people who live in Latin America are farmers.

12 Subsistence Farmers * Farmers who work on small farms.
* They try to grow enough food to feed their families.

13 Plantations * Huge farms that grow cash crops
* Only a few people own plantations * Many poor people work on plantations

14 People and Places

15 Find these places on the map
* Andes Mountains * Latin America * Amazon River * Caribbean Sea * Portugal * Central America * Venezuela * Mexico * Middle America

16 Catholics * A person who follows the Catholic religion
* Today most people in Latin America are Catholics

17 What to read for

18 1. What kinds of landforms and climates are in Latin America?
2. What kinds of people live in Latin America? 3. What kinds of jobs do people have in Latin America?

19 4. What is the longest river in Latin America? Where is it located?
5. What is a large mountain chain in South America? Where is it located?

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