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LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, and Brazil.

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1 LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, and Brazil

2 GPS and E.Q. GPS: SS6G3 The student will explain the impact of location, climate, distribution of natural resources, and population distribution on Latin America and the Caribbean. E.Q.: How do location, climate, distribution of natural resources, and population distribution impact Latin America and the Caribbean?

3 Mexico

4 Mexico: Location South of U.S. (Central America): main trading partner is U.S.

5 Mexico: Location Largest Spanish-speaking country in the world

6 Mexico: Location 2 nd largest country in Latin America

7 Mexico: Location Bounded by Pacific Ocean (west), Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean Sea (east): 7 (actually there are 42!) seaports – good for shipping

8 Mexico: Climate Varies with location: – cooler in Sierra Madre Mountains – warmer at beaches – dry & hot in deserts

9 Mexico: Climate Most people – live on Central Plateau – In cities (urban areas) – 75%

10 Mexico: Natural Resources Oil – 10 th largest exporter in world – Provides 1/3 of Mexican government’s budget (from July to September 2012 their oil company profited $1.86 billion!!!!!)

11 Mexico: Natural Resources Silver – 1 of world’s largest exporters of silver – 15% of world’s silver is mined here

12 Mexico: Natural Resources Fruits, vegetables, coffee, cotton – Challenges – little rain, little arable soil, little $ for equipment

13 Mexico: Natural Resources Beautiful beaches= Tourism

14 Mexico: Natural Resources ¾ of Mexico’s trade is with U.S.A.

15 CRCT Test Prep page 21 25. Which metal is mined more in Mexico than anywhere else? silver 26. Which country has ¾ of the trade with Mexico? U.S.A. 27. Which region of Mexico has the most people? Central Plateau 28. Which is a problem for farmers in Mexico? Soil is not very productive

16 Venezuela

17 Venezuela: Location Northeast South America

18 Venezuela: Location Coastline on Caribbean Sea & Atlantic Ocean

19 Venezuela: Location 4 major ports – easy to ship goods

20 Venezuela: Location Panama Canal is nearby

21 Venezuela: Climate Hot, tropical all year (just above equator)

22 Venezuela: Climate In Andes Mountains it gets cold

23 Venezuela: Climate Rain is May-October Drier along coast, rainier in mountains

24 Venezuela: Climate 88% of people live in urban areas on northern coast Most people work in service jobs

25 Venezuela: Natural Resources Fishing

26 Venezuela: Natural Resources NOT farming –poor soil

27 Venezuela: Natural Resources Oil – 6 th largest exporter in the world – 50% of government’s budget is from oil – used to improve health, education, roads, & telephones – Problem: oil has caused pollution

28 CRCT Test Prep page 23 29. What is a major reason that few Venezuelans are farmers? There is little arable land 30. Which is a negative result of Venezuela’s oil business? Pollution has damaged the air and land 31. How has Venezuela’s location helped its trade with other countries? Venezuela has a coastline with ports on the Caribbean Sea & the Atlantic Ocean 32. Most people in Venezuela live in what type of area? Urban

29 CRCT Test Prep pages 24-25 Use the chart on page 24. Answer the questions on page 25.

30 Brazil ALE&feature=player_embedded# ALE&feature=player_embedded#!

31 Brazil: Location Eastern South America

32 Brazil: Location Coastline on Atlantic Ocean – good for shipping/trade (7 seaports!)

33 Brazil: Location Amazon River flows through it

34 Brazil: Location Amazon rain forest, sandy beaches, beautiful cities – good for tourism

35 Brazil: Natural Resources Only 7% of the land is arable, but… – 1/3 of world’s coffee is produced here – Oranges, papayas, sugar cane, soybeans – 2 nd largest food exporter in world

36 CRCT Test Prep page 27 38. Where do most Brazilians live in their country? Along the eastern, coastal area 39. The climate of Brazil allows farmers to export all of these crops except Wheat 40. Which natural resource is an important export for Brazil? Sugar cane 41. Why does Brazil have a fast-growing tourism industry? Brazil has many natural wonders that cannot be found anywhere else in the world 42. How does Brazil’s location help it trade with other countries? There are 7 major seaports along the Atlantic coast

37 Cuba

38 Cuba: Location 90 miles south of Florida

39 Cuba: Location Largest island in West Indies

40 Cuba: Location Gulf of Mexico on northwest; Atlantic Ocean on northeast; Caribbean Sea on south

41 Cuba: Climate Tropical – warm/hot all year; breezy

42 Cuba: Climate Rainy season May-October; dry season November-April

43 Cuba: Climate Target for hurricanes (June 1-November 30)

44 Cuba: Climate 76% of people live in urban areas (cities) – Work in manufacturing & service

45 Cuba: Natural Resources 28% of land is arable – Sugar cane – most important export for last 200 years – Coffee, fish, fruits, tobacco (cigars)

46 Cuba: Natural Resources Fishing

47 Cuba: Natural Resources Tourism – beautiful beaches

48 Cuba: Communist Government controls/owns most farms & businesses.

49 Cuba: Communist U.S.S.R. supported Cuba till U.S.S.R. collapsed in 1991; now Venezuela helps by selling them oil at reduced cost.

50 Cuba: Communist Cuba can’t sell enough goods to buy all its people need.

51 Cuba: Communist Sometimes government orders businesses & factories to close or shuts off electricity.

52 CRCT Test Prep page 29 43. What has been the major export for Cuba for the past 200 years? Sugar 44. Which industries are helped MOST by Cuba’s location on the ocean? Tourism & fishing 45. Which product does Venezuela provide at reduced cost to Cuba? Oil 46. The large amount of arable land is MOST helpful to which Cuban industry? Farming 47. Which country supported Cuba until 1991? Russia

53 CRCT Test Prep pp. 30-31 Use the chart on page 30 to help you answer the questions on page 31.

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