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Join Together & the Technology Competence Teams Virtual Seminar by Shelley Popson Goal 2.3.

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1 Join Together & the Technology Competence Teams Virtual Seminar by Shelley Popson Goal 2.3

2 Goal 1.2 & Goal 2.3 Partnership ZJoined to collaborate at ACE:D/HH 2004 Conference ZGoal 1.2 - Liz Parker & Karen Dilka ZFaculty Technology Competence ZGoal 2.3 - Maribeth Lartz & Shelley Popson ZMaster Teacher & Pre-service Teacher Technology Competence

3 As youve seen…. ZThree of the team leader partners have already shared what has been done so far: ZSurvey of Faculty ZSurvey of Master Teachers ZLiterature Review of Technologies in PK-12 education ZLiterature Review of Tech Tools to support a Virtual Learning Community ZAcceptance of the ISTE-NETS*T as our standard for technology competence

4 Youve heard some of the results …. ZThe list of technologies of interest and need for training at the PK-12 and post- secondary levels is similar. ZSome differences in the ways technologies are used. ZPeople prefer to learn with and from other people. See Maribeth Lartzs Presentation for more!

5 Technologies specific to Deafness & Deaf Education ZPeople are familiar with technologies related to hearing loss ZNew and innovative technology accommodations are unfamiliar to most in the field ZPeople can use many types of technologies for personal use ZFew feel competent regarding the integration of educational technologies within the curriculum

6 What is happening now? ZPartnering with Goal 2.2 - Content Competence ZWhy? ZTechnology is not used in isolation but is integrated within the curriculum as a tool to increase performance and access to information. ZTechnology is best learned when there is a valid need and immediate application.

7 Working with Grant Leadership ZAssisting in the support of Z Collaboration Technologies ZViaVideo & ViewStation ZUse of iVisit ZUse of Tools, bulletin boards, calendar, etc. Z Curriculum Technologies ZnetTrekker

8 Developing Year Two Activities ZVirtual Topical Seminars ZFor Our Goal Activities ZFor Specific Technology Topics, ex. netTrekker ZVirtual Study Groups ZCoaching/Mentoring Opportunities ZAction Research Projects ZOnline Modules ZGuided & Self-serve informational tours

9 Additional Year Two Activities ZCase Studies ZWorkshops ZACE-D/HH ZNTID, Instructional Technology in Deaf Education International Symposium ZTBA ZHow To articles, Tips & Tricks, and articles for Join Together newsletters, bulletin boards and other publications

10 If you have strengths to share: ZPlease contact one of the Goal 1.2 or 2.3 team leaders - specific to technology topics. ZPlease contact one of the Goal 2.2 team leaders specific to content expertise.

11 If you need support that is: ZJust-in-time ZJob-embedded ZSupported by others in Deaf Education ZOn-going ZKeep your eye on the Goal 2.3 Bulletin Board for opportunities!

12 Contact Information for Shelley Popson ZEmail - ZCall - 800-356-6731 ZIP - (ViaVideo) ZIM - shelljpop ZiVisit - Look for Shelley Popsons House in the EDHH neighborhood ZBulletin Boards - Technology Integration Boards @ ZTapped - Visit Shelley Popsons Virtual Office

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