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Using Community Groups for Professional Development.

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1 Using Community Groups for Professional Development

2 Facilitate, motivate and design…

3 Facilitate… Keep the group focused Stay on pace during session Guide activity or project-based learning

4 Motivate… Offer a variety of participation opportunities Provide extended materials for independent learning Allow faculty to review or make-up the session as needed

5 Design… Model good lesson structure Model a variety of TOPIC elements Include formative assessments Exit ticket: quick and easy

6 Get started… Make a community group for PD – smart group for faculty only (then create a section) Use Bulletin Board for general goodies Organize PD by Topics

7 Add a group and then a section OnCampus – Procedure – Community: Add a Group, make it a SMART GROUP for teachers only Community Group Pages: create a section Then you’ll see it under your Groups where you can add content

8 Now add general content to the Bulletin Board I included links to NETS, technology tools on the web like Prezi, TedEd, CitationMachine, Rubistar, etc. RSS feed from a good ed blog here… Downloads for lesson plan outlines, tips, news follow-up on PD sessions

9 Topics for PD



12 Layout and Content Use layout and content to model good lesson plan structure. Provide a graphic template Make your Topics showcase a variety of embedded web tools. TEST embedded content thoroughly! Set video width to 100%, add “s” to http:// so things display in a secure environment. Include review and supplemental materials for teacher who need to repeat or who missed the PD. OR who want MORE on the topic. Be consistent so teachers understand the value of consistent layout.

13 Sample Topic Content based on “Understanding By Design”

14 Have FUN with it! Take your time, develop them as needed. Refine ongoing. I also have a blog of my tech tidbits that I link to from Topics Create Topics from past sessions or for new teachers Use for all kinds of PD, not just tech. Move away from isolating technology from good teaching practices. You can post-date or pre-date Topics so only you see them during development. You can add group OWNERS if you want others to contribute and work on the Topic with you.

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