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Law and Courts Chapter 2 1. 2 Write a story using the following words: Underline each of these words in your story Simple Assault Criminal Homicide Robbery.

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1 Law and Courts Chapter 2 1

2 2 Write a story using the following words: Underline each of these words in your story Simple Assault Criminal Homicide Robbery High-tech crimes Fraud Embezzlement

3 3 Students will be given a term to define. You must IN YOUR WORDS define the term. Then give TWO examples of using the term, either tell about a new report, article, a movie, a personal experience about the word.

4 4 Measurement Objective: 1.To Help in policy and planning decisions a.How many police are needed? b.How long between an arrest and a Trial? c.What new laws need to be passed? 2.To learn why crimes are committed a.Do criminals become criminals because of who they hang out with? b.Is there a social or economic factor for people to become criminals?

5 5 Data- The collection of facts, observation, and other information. Data is collected by: Surveys- public opinion polls, done by interviews, questionnaires, etc.… Experiments- changing things Observations- provides information on behavior Case studies- Analysis of individual, and institution, groups or community

6 6 F.B.I. collects data on crimes that are known to the police This is called the Uniform Crime Report Criminal homicide, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, theft, major vehicle theft, and arson.

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8 8 National Statistics on Crime Violent crime increased 2.5 percent in the U.S. between 2004 and 2005 according t o a FBI report, most was around the Midwest states. TOTAL NUMBERS: Violent Crimes: +2.5 percent Murder: +4.8 percent Forcible Rape: -1.9 percent Robbery: +4.5 Aggravated Assault: +1.9

9 9 The racial composition of the US population as of 2008 was: 79.79% White AmericanWhite American 15.25% Hispanic 12.84% African American,African American 4.45% Asian AmericanAsian American 1.01% American Indian or AlaskaAmerican IndianAlaska 0.18% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander American 1.69% Multiracial AmericanNative HawaiianPacific Islander AmericanMultiracial American

10 10 Lifetime prevalence of incarceration

11 11 Crime Rate 1960196119631965196719691971197319751977197919811983198519871989 Violent crime rate 160.9158.1168.2200.2253.2328.7396417.4487.8475.9548.9594.3537.7556.6609.7663.1 Homicide rate 8.38 8.7 Property crime rate 1,7261,7472,0122,2492,7363,3513,7693,7374,8114,6025,0175,2644,6374,6504,9405,078 1991199319951997199920012003200520072009 758.2747.1684.5611523504.5475.8469472429.4 5,1404,7404,5914,3163,7443,6583,5913,4323,2773,036

12 12 Country IrelandGermanyNetherlandsNorway United KingdomFranceCanadaScotland United States Homicide rate (per hundred thousand) 0.9 Year 20002007 200620002004 20012008 RussiaVenezuela El SalvadorHonduras 13486578 2010

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14 14 11% Crimes for women has raised from 11% (1960) to 19% 19% (1991) Female arrestee account for 22% of the index crime arrest which includes: The eight major crimes commiteed.

15 Why the change? 15 Out of the 22% - 12% are arrested for violence. Before 1991, Women were know for crimes of prostitution, shoplifting, and welfare fraud.

16 16 As social and economical roles of woman change it creates more stresses, challenges, strains and temptation. As more women enter the work force wit a broader range of jobs- the crime rate for women will go UP! See page 37 for shop lifter chart. ety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1&safe=active

17 17 However, MEN still are the prison’s overwhelming percentage of arrest in America.

18 18 Statistics: Men 18 and under are 8% of the total population. They account for ½ of the arrest. After the age of 30 it tapers off. After the age of 50 it is about 2%

19 19 Youth gangs The "National Youth Gang Survey Analysis" (2009) state that of gang members, 49% are Hispanic/Latino, 35% are African-American/black, 9% are white, and 7% are other race/ethnicity.

20 20 NOTE: 6% 5 That some are repeat criminals who continue to commit crimes through their lives. It is estimated that 6% of the population are chronic repeaters who have committed 5 or more offenses.

21 21 Do you think that the crime rate would decrease if we incarcerate those chronic offenders? Clintons 3 strikes your out policy

22 22 The average male inmate is unskilled, unemployed, and undereducated. An average income was around $5600.00 a year (1991)

23 23

24 24 Data shows that even though Blacks make up only 12% of the total population they account for 29% of all arrest.

25 25 50% 50% of Blacks in an Urban setting are arrested at least once during their lives. 14% While only 14% of males are arrested at least once during their lives.

26 26 According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)US Bureau of Justice Statistics non-Hispanic blacks accounted for 30.4% of the prison and jail population in 2009. Hispanics (of all races) were 15.9% of those incarcerated in 2009. Hispanics comprised 16.3% of the US population according to the 2010 US census.

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