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Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge for DRR

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1 Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge for DRR
Jessica Mercer DRR Advisor CAFOD

2 Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge
WHAT……. Is Indigenous knowledge? Is scientific knowledge? Do the two have in common?

3 Indigenous Communities and DRR
WHERE…. 2004 Tsunami Cyclone Zoe Solomon Islands Char people Jamuna River, Bangladesh

4 New Risks, New Challenges
WHEN…. Climate change, increased urbanisation, population etc Indigenous knowledge being lost yet indigenous communities have adapted for centuries. Romanticising IK Need to integrate relevant and applicable IK and SK NOW!

5 Current Findings WHY….. VFL and GAR Findings Community based DRR
Integration of bottom up and top-down Proactive rather than reactive Cost effective

6 WHO……….


8 Integrating Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge
HOW…….. Participatory Action Research Motivation / Willingness Guided Discovery Not enough just to record

9 Process Framework STEP ONE: Community Engagement
Ongoing revision and evaluation STEP TWO: Identification of Vulnerability Factors STEP THREE: Identification of Indigenous and Scientific Strategies STEP FOUR: Identification of an Integrated Strategy addressing disaster risk

10 Challenges This is one such method – more research needed.
Process of implementation. Capacity building/Culture of respect Making and breaking dependency patterns. Mainstreaming IK into DRR policy. Ongoing process Recognition of value of IK. For more information see Mercer et al., 2008, 2009

11 Way Forward in meeting the HFA……
A more holistic approach to DRR is required which recognises the importance of both indigenous and scientific knowledge in reducing risk. Underlying risk factors can be addressed through integrating relevant and applicable indigenous and scientific knowledge. Community level actions need to be linked with local, national and global level initiatives. We cannot afford to ignore this valuable resource.

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