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Career Education Interview Assignment BY: BRAD VINCENT INTERVIEWED: RHONDA VINCENT.

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1 Career Education Interview Assignment BY: BRAD VINCENT INTERVIEWED: RHONDA VINCENT

2 Where do you currently work and how long have you worked there? I am currently working with ExxonMobil/Hebron Project in an office in downtown St. John’s and I have worked there for the past 4 years.

3 What is your current job title and what hours do you work in this position? My current job title is an Invoice Analyst. I usually work from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm

4 Is your office Multi-Cultural? Yes, my office is very Multi-Cultural. We currently have people working in the office from: Pakistan Australia Houston Malaysia Korea

5 If you had the opportunity would you like to work in either of these countries? If given the opportunity, I would maybe like to visit some of these places, but I don’t think I would like to live there for 1-3 years. I like living in NL.

6 Do the foreign workers permanently live in NF or are they here on temporary work visas? Most of the workers, about 98% that come to NF to work with us, are here on temporary work visas. Some work here for 1-3 years depending on the kind of work they do.

7 Is there a lot of people in your office? In my office we have about 45 people, but we have people in other locations. We have about 4 office locations near the downtown area and then we have our main working site in Bull Arm, which has thousands of people working there.

8 Do you ever get to leave your office and go to Bull Arm? We go on special tours once every couple of months. We get to see how the oil rig is being built.

9 When you leave your office is safety important. Safety is very important inside the work place and outside as well. We have regular safety meetings and presentations/workshops. We have several people walking through our work areas throughout the month to make sure every one is being safe. The staff also have to be concerned with safety even if it’s just an open drawer. If we go offsite to Bull Arm we all have to wear safety gear. Some items we need to have are: Safety Glasses Safety Vest Gloves Steel Toe Boots Hard Hat

10 Is your job stressful? My job is very stressful. Like with many people in regular days, I have to make sure our bills are paid on time. Some of these payments can be a few million dollars for one bill. So if a company doesn’t receive their money when they are supposed to, then I have to answer to a higher boss and give a reason why it’s not paid.

11 Do you like your job? I do actually really like my job. Everyday there’s something new to learn. I like interacting with people and do a great deal of interactions on a daily bases.

12 Is there anything that you don’t like about your job? The only thing I don’t like about my job is the parking. We have to pay for parking in our building, buy a permit or pay a meter all day, which can get really expensive.

13 What other places have you worked? I previously worked with a helicopter company in the same kind of job (approximately 7 years). That company moved to Vancouver. I also worked with a car dealership in the office (same kind of job skills). Then before going with the oil company, I worked with a consulting firm ( same kind of job skills)

14 What kind of training did you need to get your job? I attended school for 3 ½ years doing business management (Majoring in Accounting) and Human Resources Management. I have also completed many other courses throughout the years to keep my skills up to date.

15 Is there opportunity for advancement? There is always room for advancement, you just have to work very hard and prove you can do anything you are asked to do.

16 Is there security in your workplace? Yes, we have a secure office. You need a swipe card in order to enter our front office and then another security door once you get through the first door. We also have random testing's done when people try to come in behind you without swiping their card (tailgating) This is not allowed. We also have cameras set up around the office.

17 Is your office more old school (pen/paper) or more technology? We are a technology based company. We are trying to eliminate the need for paper.

18 If you weren’t doing this job, what else would you like to be doing and why? If I wasn’t doing this job and I had the proper training I would like to work in a veterinary hospital. I always talked about doing this type of work because of my love for animals, but if they got really sick, I think it would be a very hard place to work.

19 Is there a more dominant gender in your office? In my office it is probably equal men to women. In our other locations, men are more dominant in the field work, even though women are becoming more skilled.

20 How has this job impacted you and your lifestyle? This job has given me the opportunity to live a comfortable lifestyle and support my family. It has given me the opportunity to offer my family things that they are interested in or need.

21 Is there a difference working in the same position when working for a different company? I’ve worked with a helicopter company, a car dealership and a oil company and things are pretty similar in all the positions that I have had.

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