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How do I do well on the Social Studies Gateway?. Getting Started :. Read all information: historical background, writing prompt, bullet points and documents.

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1 How do I do well on the Social Studies Gateway?

2 Getting Started :. Read all information: historical background, writing prompt, bullet points and documents. Think of how you would respond to the writing task. On the pages in the back of the task folder, jot down what you know about each bullet point from the documents and from your world history class. Begin an outline- put together an outline and a thesis statement: PROMPT + BULLETPOINTS = THESIS

3 Read again Before you begin the first draft, read all the text again. Underline or highlight key words, dates, etc.

4 Prewriting activities: An Important Step! Brainstorm how you will respond to each part of the task. For example, if you were writing about the Renaissance, you might make notes on people (artists, writers, etc.) the economy (trade), growth of cities, government and religion. Take time to get your thoughts together by making an outline to help you plan how you will write your response. Decide how use the information from the documents provided.

5 You will be graded in social studies and language arts. This section will help you to better understand the social studies aspects.

6 Here is one choice in a sample task: Historical Background: The French Revolution was a period of major political and social change in the political history of France and Europe as a whole, during which the French government underwent radical change.political historyEurope Writing Task : French Revolution Discuss how the French Revolution changed the lives of the common citizens in the years that followed. In your essay, be sure to do the following.  Explain the citizen’s role in the French Revolution,  Discuss the citizens’ rights under the new government, and  Compare French society before and after the French Revolution.. Use HB as background for building your thesis. Use this direction to build your thesis statement Use what is in each bullet as a supporting idea of your thesis

7 Main Idea Reason or supporting idea Fact or Example Brainstorming/Thesis Building Process Fact or Example Students may add or delete boxes as needed.

8 The social studies rubric consists of four categories: 1. Development, Analysis, and Interpretation (DEV) 2. Expression of Social Studies Knowledge (KNO) 3. Organization of Social Studies Concepts (ORG) 4. Conventions (CONV)

9 Writing You will need to include an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs (about each bullet point) and a concluding paragraph.

10 introduction An effective introduction should set the stage for the development of the writer’s ideas and should be consistent with the purpose of the assigned social studies task. The purpose of an introduction is to establish the topic of the response and its overall context in the field of world history. It is not necessary for the writer to announce each subject that will be explained in the paragraphs that follow. Addressing some of the major themes related to the task is an effective starting point. An effective introduction to the Renaissance could begin by explaining why and how European culture and attitudes toward life began to change. An ineffective introduction often repeats the information provided in the historical background of the writing task.

11 Body paragraphs The body of a Gateway response should be organized into clear paragraphs. Each part of the response should be explained using specific vocabulary, details, and historical examples. Effective social studies writing involves defining terms for the reader and providing clear examples to clarify complex events and philosophies.

12 Conclusion The purpose of the conclusion is to signal the reader that the response is coming to a close. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, some of which are more effective than others. Using the final paragraph as an opportunity to make big picture connections related to the assigned topic and task is more effective than restating information from the introduction or the body of the response. Explaining how the topic is tied to contemporary events can also help the reader understand and remember complex concepts in world history.

13 Important to Remember… You SHOULD attempt to write a multi-paragraph essay complete with an INTRODUCTION, BODY, and CONCLUSION. You SHOULD NOT copy straight from the packet. For example- do NOT write an entire essay saying : Document A says…..Document B states…Document C states….. and so on. When you are using documents, put the information in your own words. Do not copy the historical background as your introduction or conclusion.

14 Language Arts- What should I do? Do some brainstorming to get your ideas together before you start your essay. Go through the documents for that writing choice and decide which ideas in the essay they will support. Don’t forget to include the ideas and document them. Write a first draft and then recopy it as neatly as possible. ( You do not have to double space.)

15 Language Arts.. Make smooth transitions between paragraphs and ideas within paragraphs. (organization) Provide a good conclusion that sums up your paper and leaves your reader with something to think about. (organization)

16 Language Arts Use interesting, precise vocabulary. Stay away from generic words and phrases (such as “something,” “stuff,” etc.) and slang. It is better to misspell a high-level vocabulary word than to use a word that is too simple or general. (fluency) Mix up your sentences. Include long and short sentences, compound, complex, compound-complex, and simple sentences. Your sentence structure should not be choppy or repetitive. (fluency)

17 Language Arts After you write your first draft, read it over and edit for spelling, grammar, etc. (conventions) Be sure you have cited the documents you used. The graders will be looking for at least one appropriate parenthetical citation. (conventions).

18 Language Arts Reread your essay, making sure it makes sense to the reader. You must assume they know nothing and you are the expert. Your goal is to explain the topic to them so they have no doubt that you are knowledgeable and can communicate well.

19 You need to be: Knowledgeable Confident Competent And you will do well!

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