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Devon Johnson!! Or Shall I Say.. Mr. Jay Jump in to the life of Devon!

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1 Devon Johnson!! Or Shall I Say.. Mr. Jay Jump in to the life of Devon!

2 Meet Devon…  I am eighteen years old  I am a senior at Kellam High School  I have a 3.556 GPA  Next year I will be attending Longwood University next year, with hopes to become certified in elementary and middle school education! (middle school is my main focus)  I have dreams of becoming a superintendent of schools one day!

3 What Does He Get Himself Into? Clubs & Organizations  Year Book, Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow, Future Educators Association, Kellam Drama, Kellam Chorus, Student Council Association Leadership positions & activities  Mixed Chorus Student Director, Kellam Chorus Publicity Chief, Future Educators Association President, 7th Grade Intern Teacher, Student Council Association Representative

4 VTFT… What Can You Say?  Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow I and II has taught me an abundance of things about the teaching profession and has helped shape my future. By its great curriculum, great internships, and wonderful teacher, VTFT I and II has encouraged me to not only be a better student, but to be the best that I could be so that I could fulfill my calling. Despite the fact these past two years were not the easiest years, I must say embarking on this Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow journey was the best school decision I’ve ever made.

5  Besides doing the extra work, I have learned the importance of lesson planning. When planning a lesson, it is best to incorporate as many learning styles as needed. Planning is not the easiest thing in the world; it takes time and needs to be well thought out. With all of the bits and pieces I have picked up along the way, when you put the puzzle together, you realize that a good relationship with staff, parents, and students is key to assisting a child in his or her learning environment.  Due to the great curriculum and hands on experience of VTFT I and II, I know this is the profession for me! It has inspired me to continue my education and follow my dreams of fulfilling my calling.


7 In His Spare Time…  I love playing basketball and football!  I enjoy hanging with my friends!  I enjoy going to church!  Most of all… My favorite thing to do is to sing!!!  I have been singing since I was 5. It relieves my stress. I love it!


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