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Soaring to New Heights with Single Gender Classrooms Liberty Middle School 5 th Grade 2008-2009.

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1 Soaring to New Heights with Single Gender Classrooms Liberty Middle School 5 th Grade 2008-2009

2 8/24/2015 2 By the Numbers As of February 1, 2009:  There are 216 confirmed schools with single-gender programs. 87 Primary & Elementary Schools 109 Middle & Junior High Schools 20 High Schools  There are 78 districts (92% of the districts in South Carolina) implementing or investigating single-gender programs in their schools.

3 By the Numbers (cont.)…  There are 413 schools doing, pursuing, or interested in single-gender programs (39% of the total schools in the state): 194 ( 30%) Primary & Elementary Schools 174 ( 75%) Middle & Junior High Schools 45 (23%) High Schools At Liberty Middle School:  Single-gender implemented in 5 th Grade  6 single-gender classes  1 combined class 8/24/2015 3

4 What Girls Are Saying “I like being in an all girl class because you can express your feelings. You can do your work and not be distracted. You can have good friends without boys coming in the way. Plus, boys don’t really smell nice.” ~ Jamie 8/24/2015 4

5 “ It is great to be with just girls in my classes. I love it because if you say a wrong answer, you don’t have to worry about being laughed at. Girls don’t do that. You can also talk about everything without boys there.” ~ Londan 8/24/2015 5

6 What Boys Are Saying “ I like being in a single-gender class because I work better. My grades are better. I can have quiet time.” ~Taylor 8/24/2015 6

7 “The reason I like single-gender is because of the great books. We get to read great books like The Cay and do fun stuff like act out our favorite part from the book. We move around our classroom a lot now, too.” ~Cody 8/24/2015 7

8 What Parents Are Saying “ I am thrilled that LMS offers single-gender education to my 5 th grader. Having a male participate in one of the classes has been a very positive experience. My son is eager to learn this year and the transition from the elementary school has been great. He says there are not distractions from the girls and he likes the material presented to him which is more gender specific. He also feels that he can participate more because he is more socially comfortable with the same gender.” ~ Mrs. M. 8/24/2015 8

9 A High Tea An all girl class enjoys the experience of a tea party birthday celebration…good manners, china teacups, and little cakes! 8/24/2015 9

10 What Teachers Are Saying 8/24/2015 10 “ Having a single-gender class allows me to focus on the traits of great leaders of the same gender. The girls write each week in their How To Become A Successful Woman Journal and…

11 …the girls now love to write!” ~ Ms. J. 8/24/2015 11

12 “I believe teaching single-gender classes has given me a better perspective of my students needs. I am able to plan different topics, projects, and activities based on the interests of the single- gender class. For example, the boys constructed car magnets using the assembly line method. This lesson would not have meant the same thing to the girls, but it was effective for the boys since it was active, noisy, hands-on, and competitive. When we were reviewing the standard, I could see the boys were putting all of the concepts together and I could see the puzzle forming before my eyes! I probably would not have seen the same results in a combined class.” ~ Ms. M. 8/24/2015 12

13 Our Goal for the Future To continue the success of single-gender classrooms in 5 th grade during the 2009 – 2010 school year To include single-gender classrooms in 6 th grade during the 2009 – 2010 school year Please feel free to visit one of our single-gender classes and experience the Eagle excitement at LMS! 8/24/2015 13

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