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+ Jenny Gionfriddo Mr. Merritt VTfT 2 September 20 th 2010.

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1 + Jenny Gionfriddo Mr. Merritt VTfT 2 September 20 th 2010

2 + Meet Jenny… ✝ I am Eighteen Years of Age ✝ I am a Ke11am High School senior ✝ I love coffee, Toy Story, and Wawa. ✝ I am a Christian. ✝ I like to be silly. ✝ I like to sing, not very well of course. ✝ I love everyone. You can call me Jennifer, Jen, or what ever would please you.

3 + The Serious Side of Jenny ✝ 3.4065 GPA 1610 SAT score ✝ Clubs: Knights for Christ, Mixed Chorus, FEA, SCA and Singing Lady Knights ✝ Leadership: Student Director of Mixed Chorus, Executive Officer of Chorus, Sheet Music Librarian for Chorus, VTfT1 and 2, Invited to the National Leadership Conference ✝ Volunteering: for the Voter Registrar’s Office, Nursery Worker, Church Skits, Food for the Hungry, Honorable Knights, VBS, internship, Sufficient Grace Trio, Master’s Club teacher, Sunday School Teacher

4 + It’s Going to Be Bright I plan on going to TCC for my first two years out of high school, from which I will transfer to a a four year university and further my studies of education. My dream is to simply be a homemaker and it has been since I can remember. I see that there is more value in my time and where it is invested than what money any job can bring in. Please, don’t get me wrong, I would love to teach as well. After all, I’m not having kids for a while, and they grow up apparently so fast. The Lord will have His will.

5 + My Roots ✝ I am the daughter of Mike and Sue Gionfriddo, and the sister to Danny Gionfriddo, Mike and Candace Nolan. ✝ My sister is my best friend. ✝ I am the middle child. ✝ I am my daddy’s little girl. ✝ We’re loud and obnoxious and goofy.

6 + Jennifer’s High School Adventures

7 + The World of Teaching Toys With Me I have a child’s mind. I enjoy simple silly things, so I’ve always toyed with the idea of teaching. Last year, in VTfT I, I had a taste of what it would be like, and it was incredible. To actually see an impact made on someone else’s life, whether imprinted there by me or another, opened my eyes to just how a simple kind (or even hurtful) word can echo in the life of those I’ve tangoed with in the life I lead. The taste of teaching has made me want to maintain and better the smiles around me, as well as create as many as I possibly can. What better profession is there than to do that than to teach?

8 + Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow Other than just teaching me the mechanics behind teaching such as the school system, the child’s viewpoint and difficulties, the history of teaching, learning styles, and keeping me up to date with technology, Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow prepared me to not just teach the students but help them grow. Mr. Merritt does a wonderful job with his program, and I cannot thank him enough. He is the best example of what a teacher should be, and is always willing to go the extra mile for his babies. Even if, for some reason, I never become a teacher, I know I can use his lesson’s through out life.

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