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The Tempest “To the dread rattling thunder

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1 The Tempest “To the dread rattling thunder
Have I given fire and rifted Jove’s stout oak With his own bolt….”

2 You know the main things that happen, but here’s a reminder anyway.
What’s in the scenes? You know the main things that happen, but here’s a reminder anyway.

3 Act 5 scene 1 Ariel sings happily at the thought of freedom.
Prospero appears to Alonso and his friends dressed as the Duke of Milan. Prospero hugs poor dear old Gonzalo who helped him in the past and has always been loyal. Prospero forgives Sebastian and Antonio in spite of their wickedness.

4 Act 1 scene 2 Prospero checks that Ariel has completed his work properly. Ariel explains that he has made a storm, but that Alonso and everyone who was on the ship is now safe on the island – in different places. Ariel reminds Prospero of his promise to set him free when the work is done.

5 Act 1 Scene 2 Continued Prospero is furious at Ariel’s cheek and reminds him how he would still be trapped in a pine tree without Prospero’s help. Ariel is scared and goes humbly to carry Prospero’s instructions. Prospero wakes Miranda and they go to see Caliban to enjoy insulting him.

6 Act 5 scene 1 Prospero appears in magic robes.
Ariel reminds him of his promise to let him go. Ariel makes Prospero feel sorry for Alonso and his friends who have been imprisoned in a line-grove (wood). Prospero tells how his desire for revenge has faded and he plans to give up his magic.

7 Act 5 scene 1 Prospero draws a magic circle on the ground and reminds everyone how powerful his magic is. Ariel brings Alonso, Gonzalo, Antonio and Sebastian from the wood. Prospero speaks to each- according to how they have treated him. He send Ariel to fetch his hat and sword so that he can appear as the Duke of Milan.

8 How the exam is organised
You have 45 minutes to answer ONE question; You will be given two extracts from the set scenes (part of the Act 1 scene and part of the act 5 scene); You will need to write about BOTH extracts in your answer.

9 Tips and Hints: Spend a couple of minutes planning your answer;
Write ONE sentence as an introduction, before the main part of the answer; Use PEE method, whichever sort of question you get; Develop your explanations fully; Write ONE sentence as a conclusion at the end.

10 And finally: Aim to write about 2 sides in the answer book;
If you run out of space, ask for more paper; Check your work carefully when you have finished.

11 Prospero says “Remember everything you have learned about how to succeed in this exam, or I will imprison you in the knotty entrails of an oak for twelve years……. only joking!”

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