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Prospero manipulates everyone to do his will.. Miranda  Prospero begins by telling Miranda stories of how his greedy brother drove him out of Milan.

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1 Prospero manipulates everyone to do his will.

2 Miranda  Prospero begins by telling Miranda stories of how his greedy brother drove him out of Milan.  These stories however are never proven and we have no idea whether they are completely accurate or not.  These stories allow Prospero’s actions to be deemed appropriate in Miranda’s view, thus the manipulation takes force in controlling Miranda’s opinions, for the first time.

3 Miranda  Prospero keeps Miranda’s attention and encourages her belief in the story by again and again asking if she hears him;  “Dost thou attend me?” Act 1.2 Line 78  “Dost thou hear?” Act 1.2 Line 106  Miranda assures him she is listening and believing;  “Your tale, sir, would cure deafness.” Act 1.2 Line 107

4 Miranda  Prospero manipulates Miranda a second time when he makes sure that Ferdinand is the first of the shipwrecked men that she sees by getting Ariel to place them around the island in certain groups;  “The King’s son have I landed by himself” Act 1.2 Line 221  “Ariel, thy charge Exactly is performed “ Act 1.2 Line 238-9

5  Miranda’s reaction to Ferdinand is proof of the success of this second manipulation;  “I might call him A thing divine, for nothing natural I ever saw so noble” Act 1.2 Line Miranda

6 Ferdinand  Prospero manipulates him by making sure that Miranda is the first human he sees on the island, casting her in light of a saviour, an angel;  “O, if a virgin, And your affection not gone forth, I’ll make you The Queen of Naples.” Act 1.2 Line 448

7 Ferdinand  Prospero manipulates Ferdinand again by making him work for Miranda, this increases his attraction to her, as expected;  “Might I but through my prison once a day Behold this maid.” Act 1.2 Line  “for your sake Am I this patient log-man.” Act 3.1 Line 66  “They are both in either’s powers; but this swift business I must uneasy make, lest to light winning Make the prize light.” Act 1.2 Line

8 Ariel  Prospero releases Ariel from a tree that Sycorax (the old ruler of the island) trapped him in;  “Into a cloven pine, within which rift Imprisoned thou didst painfully remain A dozen years” Act 1.2 Line  This puts Ariel in Prospero’s debt and Prospero manipulates this situation to make Ariel his servant.

9 Ariel  Prospero also tells Ariel that he will release him from his servitude if he completes these final tasks well;  “Do so, and after two days I will discharge thee.” Act 1.2 Line  “Thou shalt be as free As mountain winds; but then exactly do All points of my command.” Act 1.2 Line 494  However Prospero says this many times throughout the play but does not fulfil this promise by the end of the play.

10 Ariel  Prospero’s parting line to Ariel is unfortunately another promise and we have no proof that it is ever fulfilled.  “Bravely, my diligence. Thou shalt be free.” Act 5.1 Line 242  This allows us to come to the conclusion that the only use that promising Ariel freedom had was Ariel’s servitude.

11 Caliban  Prospero and Caliban were originally able to converse and share knowledge but Prospero manipulated this situation after Caliban attempts to have a relationship with Miranda.  Prospero issues many threats to Caliban in order to control him;  “For this, be sure, tonight thou shalt have cramp” Act 1.2 Line 325  This negative enforcement results in Caliban’s hatred of Prospero but he still remains in Prospero’s power.

12 Antonio & Sebastian  Antonio appears to manipulate Sebastian by encouraging him to kill King Alonso and take his place just like Antonio banishing Prospero to the island.  “Noble Sebastian, Thou let’st thy fortune sleep – die, rather; wink’st Whiles thou art waking.” Act 2.1 Line  However it is in fact Prospero who manipulates the situation by getting Ariel to put Alonso and Gonzalo to sleep giving Sebastian and Antonio a chance to show their true colours.

13 Antonio & Sebastian  Prospero continues this manipulation by not telling King Alonso and Gonzalo what they were going to do;  “But you, my brace of lords, were I so minded I here could pluck his highness’ frown upon you And justify you traitors. At this time I will tell no tales.” Act 5.1 Line 128

14 King Alonso & Gonzalo  Prospero manipulates Gonzalo by his guilt for letting Antonio banish him to the island.  “First, noble friend, Let me embrace thine age, whose honour cannot Be measured or confined.”  “Whether this be Or be not, I’ll not swear.”  Act 5.1 Line

15 Trinculo and Stephano  Prospero uses the wine to manipulate these two and this unveils their natural leap from servant status to possible power and how it consumes them.  This allows Prospero to be in control of the situation because they are not in full self-control.  “I will kill this man. His daughter and I will be king and queen – save our graces! – and Trinculo and thyself shall be viceroys. Dost thou like the plot, Trinculo?” Act 3.2 Line

16 Prospero manipulates everyone therefore nobody has freewill other then Prospero.

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