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1 January – March 2006 Niklas Flyborg May 2006 Observer AB.

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1 1 January – March 2006 Niklas Flyborg May 2006 Observer AB

2 2 Highlights Positive market development and improved underlying results Measures to strengthen operations in Nordics and UK Expected savings of app SEK 130 million – restructuring costs of SEK 120 million Write-down of goodwill in UK, Ireland, Norway and the Baltics Strong development in important markets like US and Germany

3 3 January – March 2006

4 4 Market Generally good market conditions Rising demand for value-added analyzed information Opportunity to gradually increase fixed revenue North America Healthy demand for integrated services Strong market for broadcast monitoring Nordics Continuing weak demand for non-digital monitoring services Positive development in the large client segment Rest of Europe Positive development in Germany and Portugal Weak development in Monitoring in UK and Ireland

5 5 The Regions Organic Growth Operating Margin (excl. write-down, goodwill)

6 6 Changes and developments Nordic: Functional organization Digitalization of the monitoring process Reduced number of production sites Co-ordination with group HQ UK & Ireland Implement changes in business model Establish new sales process Further development of the digital production process Organizational and management changes Restructuring Ireland Savings & costs Estimated savings of SEK 130 million Restructuring costs of SEK 120 million

7 7 Organic Growth & Operating Margin

8 8 Regions Q1 2006 Organic growth and EBIT margin by region (excl. write-down, goodwill)

9 9 Operating cash flow / EBIT/EBITA

10 10 Write-down (M SEK) UK405 Ireland41 Norway23 Baltics0.1 Total469 Goodwill Q1 2006 SEK 2363 million 1101 223 751 287

11 11 A changing market Growing international sales Growing demand for Evaluate services Increasing share of revenue from portals and software Outsourcing and off-shoring Copy right agreements Partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions

12 12 Focus 2006 Observer Nordic & UK Integration, knowledge sharing and best practice International offering

13 13

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