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Niklas Flyborg, Gunilla Rudebjer July 26, 2007 January - June 2007.

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1 Niklas Flyborg, Gunilla Rudebjer July 26, 2007 January - June 2007

2 2 Highlights January – June 2007 Important client wins Strong growth in integrated services and evaluation services Growth in international clients segment Restructuring process proceeds according to plan Increased earnings and margins Slightly decreased growth due to shift to digital offering

3 3 Cision new common corporate name and brand The Annual General Meeting 2007 resolved to change the companys name to Cision The Group gets a common name and uniform profile across all markets Global ad campaign Common web sites launched in Q3 CisionPoint increasingly common offering in all markets New, increasingly common portals are being launched A common name that applies to every part of the Group allows Cision to Better leverage its international presence Be an obvious partner to large and international clients Increase efficiency Move towards services that contain analyzed information

4 4 Plan World leading contact database with media outlets, journalists, analysts and investors. 20 % of revenue Connect Distribution of information to the right target audience. 5 % of revenue Monitor Monitoring of the media impact. 61 % of revenue Analyze Analysis of the media image. 14 % of revenue Cision point - Integrated functionality

5 5 Cision - operator and distributor OPERATOR: Enabler and intermediary First, able profit on production and technology Second, profit on being the access point (exchange) for media content PUBLISHER: Finds new revenues Reaches new target groups Gets cost efficient business development Copyright issue is resolved Finds leverage through new sales channels DISTRIBUTOR: Will not be exclusive on content over time Cost rationalization through divesting production Focus on target group development and service enhancement Focus on Value-Added Services

6 6 Market Generally good market conditions but tough competition in all service areas Growing importance of reputation and brands drive demand Rising demand for integrated services with value-added analyzed information Growing demand within international client segment New market roles as content becomes increasingly accessible Publishers seek new revenue streams as print media declines in relative importance Opportunities in mediating information Consolidation will continue and increase, mainly driven by technological shift (digitalization), internationalization of industry and lack of critical mass amongst regional competitors

7 7 January – June 2007 Amounts in SEK millionJanuary – June Revenue957 (974) Organic growth1 % (4) EBIT84 (-373) EBIT excl. write-down goodwill and restructuring expenses114 (115) Operating margin excl. write-down goodwill and restructuring expenses11.9% (11.8) Operating cash flow125 (102) Restructuring expenses of SEK 29 million (18)

8 8 April – June 2007 Amounts in SEK millionApril – June Revenue469 (482) Organic growth0 % (5) EBIT44 (32) EBIT excl. write-down goodwill and restructuring expenses53 (50) Operating margin excl. write-down goodwill and restructuring expenses11.3% (10.3) Operating cash flow35 (68) Restructuring expenses of SEK 9 million (18)

9 9 Organic Growth & Operating Margin* (rolling 12 months) * Excluding write-down goodwill and restructuring expenses

10 10 Operating Cash Flow and EBIT * (rolling 12 months) * Excluding write down of goodwill and restructuring costs Amounts in SEK million

11 11 Balance Sheet June 30, 2007 Working capital: -70 Equity / Assets ratio: 46% Debt / Equity ratio: 59 % Net debt: 762 Financial liabilities 1,038 Operating liabilities 471 Equity 1,295 Financial Assets 176 Current receivables 402 Other fixed assets 266 Goodwill 1,960 Amounts in SEK million

12 12 The Regions North America Organic growth amounted to 2 % (4 % excluding nonrecurring earnings in 2006) Decreased demand for print media monitoring Strong demand for integrated services and analysis services New version of CisionPoint to be launched in Q3 Rest of Europe Organic growth amounted to 0 % Stronger profit and margins due to restructuring process Stabilization in the UK Nordic & Baltic Organic growth amounted to 0 % Stronger profit and margins Manual production is being phased out

13 13 Restructuring Restructuring expenses amounted to SEK 29 million (18) Effects shown in Q2, and further effects by the end of the year The action programs are expected to lead to yearly savings of SEK 200 million with a full effect by 2009. Restructuring expenses are expected to total SEK 170 million. The impact on earnings based on the 2006 expense level and exchange rates is estimated as follows: Estimates of aggregate effects are preliminary and could be affected by outside circumstances, which could result in eventual changes in the time schedule. SEK million2006200720082009 Savings impact1075165200 Restructuring expenses576350– Net savings-4712115200

14 14 Cision today Strengths Global market leader with a common brand Unparalleled offering – breadth and depth Large client base Prime position in North America – the leading media market in the world Strong cash flow Opportunities Strong growth in international client segment Strong position within our client segment Effects from initiated cost reduction program Increased synergies within and between regions Expansions to new markets Cision is well positioned to capitalize on a growing market.

15 Niklas Flyborg, Gunilla Rudebjer July 26, 2007 January - June 2007

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