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Healthy food VS Unhealthy food

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1 Healthy food VS Unhealthy food
Click on the titles to learn more about each type of food.

2 Healthy Food

3 Food Pyramid According to the website
The food pyramid represents how much food people need from each of the six categories. Each group is equally important, but people need food items from the base in larger amounts than food items that are close to the top of the pyramid. The food pyramid emphasizes the following key points: Eat a variety of foods every day. Choose foods with less fat and sugar. Eat plenty of whole grain foods (for example, cereals or rice), fruits and vegetables (preferably raw). Click on the fish and solve the exercise.

4 Types of healthy food For information and exercises about each food, click on each of the titles: • Fruits • Vegetables • Whole Grains • Dairy Products • Poultry, Meat, and Eggs If you have doubts about any word related to food, you can click on the vegetables and consult the online dictionary at Nourishinteractive.

5 FRUIT A product of plant growth, especially: one having a sweet pulp. Some examples are apple, strawberry, grapes, watermelon, oranges, pears, peaches, and bananas. Click on the apple, choose ‘fruit’, and solve the word search.

6 VEGETABLE A plant cultivated to eat such as spinach, broccoli, carrot, tomato, potato, lettuce, or cauliflower. Click on the tomato and solve the crossword.

7 Whole Grains A type of food made from grains (for example: wheat, oats, or corn) or from flour. Some examples are: cereals, bread, rice, pasta, and cookies. Click on the ‘Trix’ cereal box to solve the matching exercise.

8 Dairy Products This group includes milk and products derived from milk, such as yogurt and cheese. Dairy products are considered to be the main dietary source of calcium. Click here to find some information about calcium. Then click on the yogurt to solve the quiz.

9 Poultry, Meat, and Eggs Poultry: meat from chickens, ducks and geese.
Meat: The flesh of an animal or a bird eaten as food. Eggs: A small oval object produced by animals, that you can eat as food. This group contains high levels of proteins. Click on the eggs to solve the exercise.

10 After you work with healthy food…
Click on the food items in order to play the three memory games under the title ‘Matching Games’.

11 Unhealthy food

12 Unhealthy food includes…
Fats Sugars Cholesterol Salt REMEMBER: You need a small amount of them.

13 Fats This type of food contains high levels of unhealthy oils for your body. Eating too much fats can be dangerous for your health. Some examples are: hamburguers, pizzas, crisps, fried eggs, and bacon. Press on the fried eggs to play the game.

14 Sugar You can find it in foods like sweets, desserts, cakes, cookies, and also in some drinks. Too much sugar can damage your teeth and helps you gain weight. Click on the cake to access the wiki. Then, do the second activity under the title ‘Effects of sugar.’

15 Cholesterol You can find it in food items that are rich in fats.
REMEMBER: You can eat low fat food items and diet dairy products to have low levels of cholesterol in your blood. Click on the title to learn more about cholesterol. Then, press on the hot dog to solve the exercise.

16 Salt Salt The white product that you can add to food or find in crisps, hamburguers, pizzas, mayonnaise, or mustard, among others. High levels of salt can be dangerous for your heart. Press on the salt to solve the wordsearch.

17 The food label It contains the necessary nutritional information for a food product. It is essential to read it to know how many calories, fats, sugar, cholesterol, fibers, vitamins each serving of the product contains. To learn more about it, press on the food label’s image. Then, click here to work on the wiki webpage, under the title ‘Let’s Read Food Labels!!!’

18 Let’s practise what we learnt about food…
Click on the food items and play with the food to remember which food items are healthy and which are unhealthy.

19 Some Extra Work! Click on the lettuce in order to access the ‘Foodlearning’ blog. There, you can find games to practise healthy and unhealthy food and some information of your interest to work with.

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