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Supplemental Instruction Fall 2012 STEM Grant FIPSE Grant SI Leader Training Orientation/F12.

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1 Supplemental Instruction Fall 2012 STEM Grant FIPSE Grant SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

2 Introduction to SI SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

3 Understanding What SI Is TutoringSI Group Sessions 1-1 or small groups Drop-in service Students receive individual help with homework problems Discussion is limited to the tutor and student Regularly scheduled weekly sessions for students enrolled in a specific class Voluntary and confidential Focus is on breaking down complex processes and ideas Emphasis on organizing information for more effective study and practice Facilitated group discussions led by SI Leader SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

4 Introducing Yourself to the Class SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

5 Scheduling SI Sessions This is a super important part of your SI work. Give your class schedule to Sharon or Laura ASAP. Identify several time slots for SI sessions. Coordinate the scheduling of sessions with Sharon and Laura.. Decide what day you will distribute the SI schedule in class. Find out how many students are in the class. Request printing of a flyer to distribute in class. SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

6 Meeting Your Professor SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

7 Working With Your SI Instructor SI sessions are only part of your work as an SI Leader. You are also required to meet with your professor regularly. Your budgeted hours for SI include one hour of planning every week. You should include the time spent with your instructor under “planning”. Planning also includes any time you spend reviewing class content or preparing handouts or study guides for your students. SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

8 Faculty/Leader Agreement Faculty – Leader Agreement Faculty – Leader cooperation is essential for a successful SI program; cooperation is best facilitated by clear expectations. Please read the expectations for faculty and leaders below, and sign to indicate your agreement. Leaders are expected to: Act as a model student ▫Be punctual and non-disruptive ▫Have all requisite course materials ▫Take lecture notes ▫Complete all assigned reading Maintain an active and visible presence in the course ▫Make periodic, in-class announcements to relate session information ▫Distribute occasional handouts and/or promotional materials to students Communicate clearly and frequently with the course instructor Maintain the confidentiality of both faculty and student correspondence Maintain the standards and boundaries of the SI Program ▫Create relevant, useful session plans that emphasize academic skills ▫Avoid using sessions for group tutoring ▫Inform the SI office or Coordinator as soon as possible if there is any difficulty with a student ▫SI sessions are voluntary and SI Leaders should maintain student confidentiality when working with the course instructor Faculty members are expected to: Work with the SI Leader to find an acceptable level of involvement expected during class time Assist the SI Leader in promoting session attendance and proper session expectations ▫Give in-class reminders about SI sessions ▫Advocate attendance for all students, not just those who are struggling ▫Allow the SI Leader time during class to make announcements and hand out promotional or program materials Communicate frequently with the SI Leader ▫Provide a course outline and advance notice of upcoming exams ▫Provide advice and insight regarding the areas of content students frequently struggle in Maintain the standards and boundaries of the SI Program ▫Avoid referring to SI sessions as tutoring or the SI Leader as a tutor ▫SI sessions are voluntary and SI Leaders should maintain student confidentiality when working with the course instructor Faculty Signature Date SI Leader Signature Date SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

9 Large Group Sessions SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

10 Facilitating SI Sessions Make sure all students sign in Create an agenda with the help of students Write the agenda in a corner of the white board Use think/pair/share technique Call students to the board Circulate amongst the students Match every topic with a learning strategy Question students on study habits and techniques Give examples of how the information will help them in the future SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

11 Analysis How did the individual think time help you? Was it helpful to explain your outline to a partner? Why? As you explained your outline, did any of your ideas change? As you listened to other students explain their outlines, did you want to change your own outline? What difficulties do you think there might be with this activity in an SI session? Think/Pair/Share Design an outline of mitosis What headings are in your outline? What subheadings? Compare your outline with a partner What are the differences? Which one would be more helpful for students? why? SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

12 You Are The Leader Set high expectations for the sessions and the students The agenda guides the session Don’t let students highjack the topic Consistently require students to actively participate Encourage students to identify and evaluate their study techniques Model new study techniques for students Focus on developing your own questioning skills Get students to summarize each session SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

13 Recap and Planning Sheets Recap sheets are required after every SI session. List topic, student difficulty, learning strategy. Include planning activities and meetings with instructor. Place completed sheet in your folder for pickup. Content What topic are ypu discussi ng? Specific Difficulty What problem s are students having? Learning Strategy What method s are you discussi ng with students ? SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

14 SI Observation Form SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

15 Reaching Out to Students SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

16 Marketing SI Sessions What ideas do you remember from the video? SI Leader Training Orientation/F12 Emails / twitter / facebook Bonus sessions before a test Handouts / study guides Get to know the students before and after class

17 SI Attendance Log SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

18 Confidentiality Agreement SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

19 Daily Procedures for the MSLC Check in with the MSLC, Aileen Morehead, for room locations Find your folder in file cabinet to the left of the door as you enter MSLC Folder contains time card, class roster, recap forms, and important notices Call in as soon as you know you are unable to be here – 209-954- ???? Call your instructor to notify your students Post a notice for students telling them when the next session will be held SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

20 SI Training Dates SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

21 Evaluation SI Leader Training OrientationEvaluation Fall 2012 What subject do you lead? How much did you know about SI before today? NothingSome A lot At this moment, do you feel you have enough information to get started with SI? YesNo What information do you still need? What was the most helpful information from today’s session? Was the information clear or confusing? ClearConfusing What changes would you like to see in future training sessions? I’d like to see more I’d like to see less How frequent should training sessions be? Every 2 weeksOnce a month Twice a semester Please add additional comments: SI Leader Training Orientation/F12

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