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Bill Zannini Business Programs Coordinator October 27, 2008.

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1 Bill Zannini Business Programs Coordinator October 27, 2008

2  LO1 - Research the existing information and data regarding the topic of inquiry  LO2 - Evaluate the evidence and data relevant to the topic of inquiry  LO4 - Apply business theory and research to analyze case studies and current issues in business  LO5 - In response to an assignment, use correct, standard American English to produce clear, well-organized written reports  LO9 - Use a computer to produce written reports and classroom presentations  LO10 - Apply the technology of the Internet and Web for research of current business topics and evaluate its contents 2Confidential Use Only

3 Introduction to Business: Topic Review and Analysis  Each student is required to identify a business topic and write a minimum five (5) page analysis of the topic. You must research and identify two (2) magazine articles and two (2) Internet articles related to the topic; all articles must be attached to the report when it is turned in. The report must be typed with 1” borders, double-spaced, size 12 fonts with a cover / title page, table of contents, page numbers, headers & footers, and bibliography citing all references used in the report. Sample outline of the paper:  Cover / Title Page (with graphics)Table of Contents  Analysis (5 pages or more)Summary  Bibliography (at least 5 references)Four articles attached 3Confidential Use Only

4  The rubric was initially developed via a collaboration between Ellen & I.  It was then sent out to the instructors who would be engaged in the outcomes assessment for this academic year.  Their feedback was incorporated into an updated rubric, which was then used during a training session facilitated by Ellen Wentland. ◦ During that training session the rubric was further discussed, updated and finalized. 4Confidential Use Only

5  The ratings were agreed upon by the instructors: ◦ Needs Improvement (1 -2 points) ◦ Satisfactory (3 – 4 points) ◦ Excellent (5 – 6 points)  It was also agreed that if 75% of the students assessed with a rating of 3 or above, that would be acceptable for the programs.  The completed rubric was then distributed to all students in the Business 101 classes in advance of the assignment due dates. 5Confidential Use Only

6  Students who took Business 101 in the fall term 2007 and the spring term 2008 were targeted for this assessment.  The students completed their assignments during the 2 nd half of each of those semesters and submitted them for ratings the week before final exams.  Each instructor rated only those students that were Business Management or Business Transfer majors and submitted the completed rubrics to Ellen Wentland for analysis and summary. 6Confidential Use Only

7  An eye-opener for me and all of those involved.  Found ways to improve the instructions for the assignment and for rating students with SMART objectives.  Instructors, through the training were able to tie the assignment directly to the outcomes.  Students were enthusiastic and welcomed a better understanding how they were going to be rated on their assignments, which led them to ask better questions about the assignment and to produce a quality document. 7Confidential Use Only

8  Results indicated in all outcomes that we were meeting and/or exceeding the expectations of the programs. ◦ The overall results (see attached data sheets) showed a rating of 94% or better on all outcomes with at least a rating of “3”. ◦ Further analysis showed that sophomores received a 100% rating of “3” or better in 7 of the 8 outcomes; the only outcome to receive a rating of 95.2% was Outcome #3 which is ‘report contained information from at least 4 relevant sources.’ 8Confidential Use Only

9  We also looked at ratings of “4” or better for all outcomes and the results show 78.4% or better on all outcomes. ◦ The two lowest scoring outcomes were Outcome #3 and #5; both of them relate to researching sources for the project report and evaluating them. 9Confidential Use Only

10  Business Programs’ faculty feels strongly that the process worked extremely well and that we will continue to work with Ellen to develop a new rubric to address additional outcomes for the upcoming year.  We learned a lot about our students and about our instructors in this process and the good news is that we are doing well in instructing our students. 10Confidential Use Only

11  In response to the results of the assessment, ◦ We will work with the Library Staff to assist business students on improving their research and evaluation skills. ◦ One other analysis that Ellen helped us with was to look at whether students should be required to take English Composition before taking the Introduction to Business course.  The analysis showed that students who did not take English Composition did as well as those that did. Therefore, we do not see a need at this time to make English Composition a prerequisite for the course. 11Confidential Use Only

12 Thank You! 12Confidential Use Only

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