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Customer Appreciation Breakfast MLA Conference San Diego, March 23, 2010.

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1 Customer Appreciation Breakfast MLA Conference San Diego, March 23, 2010

2 1.Size of the databases 2.Quality of the materials included 3.Discoverability and awareness 4.Interface improvements 5.Pricing 6.Musical Performance in Video Wed like to share our expanded vision for Music Online

3 Size: Matters … the 750k target Added 112k tracks Plan to add 0.5m tracks

4 Size: What it means for our databases NowEnd of 2010 Classical Music Library64,000155,000 Jazz Music Library60,000122,000 American Song69,000114,000 Contemporary World Music28,000196,000 Smithsonian Global Sound42,000 Other Popular Music142,000 263,000769,000

5 Size: What it means for our databases ClassicalJazzAmericanWorld Opera (443)Contemporary (335)Soul (631)Electronic (668) Chamber Music (396)Big Band (297)Traditional Country (144)Reggae (558) Keyboard Music (283)Vocal (281)Jump-Blues (122)Hip-Hop / Rap (471) Orchestral Music (238)Swing (210)Traditional Blues (114)Film Soundtracks (364) Baroque (235)Avant-garde (146)Classic Country (102)World Beat (347) 20th/21st Century (175)Fusion (118)Chicago Blues (100)Dancehall (223) Vocal (168)Latin Jazz (114)Gospel (90)Punk (155) Concerto (144)Easy Listening (99)Blues Rock (88)Indian-Fusion (107) Choral Music (113)Traditional (94)Male Vocalist (69)World Fusion (101) Guitar (94)Dixieland (89)Rockabilly (61)J-Rock (74) Symphony (92)Classic Jazz (82)Funk (56)Indian-Pop (68) Medieval/ Renaissance (88)Smooth Jazz (73)Acoustic Blues (55)New Age (68) Romantic (81)Male Vocalist (58)Doo Wop (55)Dub (65) Classical Sacred (73)Bop (43)Rock 'n' Roll (53)Country-Pop (61) Classical Vocal (42)Cuban Jazz (43)Female Vocalist (48)African Pop (56) Band Music (22)Be-Bop (41)Soul / R&B (45)Contemporary Blues (48) Film Music (22)Cool Jazz (37)Electric Blues (44)Ska (43) Avant-garde (19)Free Jazz (36)Country Blues (43)Brazilian MPB (38) Ballet (12)African Jazz (34)Delta Blues (42)Folk-Rock (37) Funk (33)Historical, Political/Protest (35)Russian Pop (32) Hard Bop (31)Urban Blues (25)Afro-beat (10) Crossover (30)Arabic Pop (10) Ragtime (28)Contemporary Gospel (9) Post-Bop (26)Chinese Pop (7)

6 Quality: Unique materials Folk Song Encyclopedia In partnership with musicologist and folklorist Jerry Silverman, weve specially commissioned versions of songs from his Folk Song Encyclopedia 431 recordings live Balanchine Foundation Working with the George Balanchine Foundation, weve published materials from their unique video archives: –the Archive of Lost Choreography –the Interpreters Archive 31 video clips, more to follow

7 Quality: Unique materials American Folklife Center Archives In partnership with the Library of Congress, weve digitized unique, previously unpublished recordings from the 1930s-40s including: –The Alan Lomax Haiti Collection (1937) –Alan Lomax, Zora Neale Hurston, and Mary Elizabeth Barnicle Expedition Collection (1935) –Herbert Halpert New York City Collection (1938) –John Henry Faulk Negro Religious Music from Texas (1941) 3,000 recordings now available

8 Quality: Highly-regarded Publishers 600 albums from Deutsche Grammophon and Decca for Classical Music Library 2,600 albums, including 330 full length operas, for Classical Music Library 42 titles for Opera in Video and Dance in Video

9 Quality: Highly-regarded Publishers 875 albums from Blue Note, Capitol Records, and Virgin for Jazz Music Library Weve already added almost 5,000 recordings from Motown, A&M, Geffen and Universal Music to American Song

10 Quality: Comprehensive Coverage Albums17,865 Scores16,834 Texts (pages)65,490 Video performances407

11 Quality: Comprehensive Coverage Classical Music Medieval Renaissance Baroque Pre- classical Classical Romantic Late- Romantic National School 20 th Century 21 st Century We currently offer: 4,125 albums 14,827 scores 21,168 pages of texts 407 video titles Classical Music Library Classical Scores Library Classical Music Reference Library Opera in Video Dance in Video

12 Big Band Bop Early Jazz Instrumental Jazz Modern Jazz New Orleans Jazz Ragtime Smooth Jazz Swing Latin Jazz Vocal Jazz Quality: Comprehensive Coverage Jazz We currently offer: 4,974 albums 10,000 pages of texts 18 video titles Jazz Music Library American Song African American Music Reference

13 -1919 1920-1939 1940-1959 1960-1979 1980-1999 2000- Quality: Comprehensive Coverage American Music We currently offer: 6,227 albums 1,266 scores 18,000 pages of texts American Song Garland Encyclopedia of World Music African American Music Reference

14 Quality: Comprehensive Coverage World Music 15% 24% 32% 18% 9% 2% We currently offer: 2,868 albums 9,800 pages of texts Smithsonian Global Sound Contemporary World Music Garland Encyclopedia of World Music 169 Countries 1,425 Cultural Groups 465 Languages 2,645 Instruments 1,035 Genres

15 Quality: Liner Notes We believe liner notes are often an invaluable aid to putting an album in context However, in an increasingly digital world, liner notes are no longer seen as essential … especially for back catalog We have therefore started a major project to source and digitize liner notes We will make liner notes text searchable

16 Quality: Metadata Unique Browses: Genre (787) Instrument (2,645) Cultural Group (1,425) Place (169 countries) Song Title (12,441) Historical Event (1,292)

17 Quality: Supporting Info

18 Quality: Audio We are re-encoding all recordings in Classical Music Library to a new spec of 128kbps and 320kbps Going forward, all new recordings that we digitize across all our collections will be encoded to the same spec

19 Discoverability & Awareness We understand usage is a key metric We recognize the importance of ensuring our content is easily discoverable by your patrons We are undertaking some major projects across all our databases to significantly improve discoverability

20 Discoverability: MARC Records

21 Discoverability: MARC Records Released Product/Release NameDate MARC Released African American Music Reference8/15/08 American Song1/26/10 Classical Music Library (First release)9/18/09 Classical Music Library supplement 1 (Second release)11/12/09 Classical Music Library supplement 2 (Third release)12/23/09 Classical Music Library supplement 3 (4th release)1/25/10 Classical Music Library supplement 4 (5th release)3/1/2010 Classical Music Reference Library8/15/08 Dance in Video12/7/09 Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online10/5/07 Jazz Music Library1/26/10 Opera in Video12/23/09

22 Discoverability: MARC Records Scheduled for Release Product/Release NameTarget Release Date for MARC Classical Music Library supplement 5 (6th release)4/1/10 Classical Scores Library3/15/10 Classical Scores Library (2nd release)5/15/10 Classical Scores Library (3rd release)6/15/10 Classical Scores Library (4th release)7/15/10 Classical Scores Library (5th release)8/15/10 Classical Scores Library (6th release)9/15/2010 Classical Scores Library (7th release)10/15/2010 Jazz Music Library Supplement 25/15/10

23 Discoverability: MARC Records To be Scheduled American Song Supplement 1 Classical Music Library Supplement A (2009- releases) Classical Scores Library Supplement A Contemporary World Music Dance in Video Supplement 1 Jazz Music Library Supplement 1 Opera in Video Supplement 1 Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries

24 Discoverability: Popular entry points GoogleAll our content will be exposed to Google by the end of the year via a customized page suitable for general access that will provide basic metadata If you are already authorized for access, you will also be able to read/watch/listen to the content Mobile Devices All music services will have customized interfaces designed for mobile access by the Summer includes iPhones, iPads, etc

25 Discoverability: Widgets Embed a music database search in a webpage Add a Music Online search to your Firefox or IE browser

26 Discoverability: Widgets Course management widgets e.g. blackboard More customizable embeddable audio and video players Apps for Facebook, iGoogle etc To come …

27 Discoverability: Discovery Services We are actively working to ensure our content is effectively discovered through all the major discovery services ProQuest / Serials Solutions 360 Search Summon EBSCO Integrated Search Discovery Search Ex Libris MetaLib Primo OCLC WorldCat Local Metasearch

28 Discoverability: Discovery Services

29 Discoverability: Citation Formats We will enable support for a wide range of citation formats by year end, including MLA and Chicago We will embed bibliographic metadata into our web pages using an open standard called COinS (ContextObjects in Spans) Patrons will be able to set their citation preferences across our products and/or automatically enable citations to be exported to tools like RefWorks and Zotero.

30 Awareness: Free Downloads We have been giving away monthly free classical music downloads since 2008 This is intended to help you promote awareness and usage of library resources We have 24,000 people signed-up to be notified when the new download is available each month, and the most recent one saw 12,556 downloads … would your patrons like to benefit too?

31 Awareness: Free Downloads

32 Awareness: Free Downloads

33 Awareness: Free Downloads

34 Awareness: Free Downloads

35 Awareness: Music Blog

36 1.New content each month

37 Awareness: Music Blog 1.New content each month 2.MARC record releases

38 Awareness: Music Blog 1.New content each month 2.MARC record releases 3.Database announcements

39 Awareness: Music Blog 1.New content each month 2.MARC record releases 3.Database announcements 4.Thematic content

40 Awareness: Music Blog 1.New content each month 2.MARC record releases 3.Database announcements 4.Thematic content 5.Events

41 Awareness: Music Blog 1.New content each month 2.MARC record releases 3.Database announcements 4.Thematic content 5.Events 6.News

42 Awareness: Music Media Monthly A new monthly blog recommending the latest and greatest in recordings, texts, videos and music websites Edited by Rick Anderson of CD Hotlist fame A team of contributors including Steve Dankner, Anne Shelley and Gene Hyde Launching in May

43 Awareness: Music Media Monthly Recordings Significant new releases and reissues (CDs and downloads), along with recommendations of related backlist titles. Books Significant new and upcoming music-related titles, reprints, and new editions. Videos Significant new titles, reissues, remasterings, and old titles in new formats. Websites Significant new sites, existing sites that may not be widely known, or existing sites that have added something new and exciting; especially any offering streaming, samples, or downloads

44 Interface Improvements: Playlists Current Stats850 ASP Editorial playlists 210,525 user-created playlists Since last MLASingle login for all databases View all playlists from any database Search playlists and clips by title, author, annotation User Profiles Add any item Play All items UpcomingPlaylist organization to move to theme based browsing

45 View other users playlists and profiles Interface Improvements: Playlists User Profile Pages

46 Interface Improvements: Playlists Search Playlists e.g. authors from UC Davis

47 Interface Improvements: Playlists Play All items

48 Interface Improvements: Classical Music Library




52 Interface Improvements: Classical Scores Library





57 Interface Improvements: Upcoming 1.Simpler homepage, more genre-based 2.More effective options to filter search results by format 3.Audio clips 4.Scrollable transcripts for Opera in Video and Dance in Video

58 Pricing No price increases as databases grow Lower subscription prices for: Jazz Music Library American Song Contemporary World Music Opera in Video

59 Musical Performance in Video Constantly growing collection of 1000s of classical and jazz concert videos Live performances, master classes, interviews, rehearsals, documentaries included Used to study conducting technique, performance practice, interpretations of different performances Cross searchable within the Music Online platform Select titles will be available within Jazz Music Library and Classical Music Library

60 And finally… 1.Please ensure you are on our list of attendees for this mornings breakfast and youll be entered into a draw to win a free year of Jazz Music Library!

61 And finally… 2.Dont forget to ask us about any Alexander Street Press products that may be of interest to you


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