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1 EBSCOhost Collection Manager Approver Account Functions Tutorial

2 Welcome to the EBSCOhost Collection Manager tutorial for Approvers. The EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM) is an easy-to-use tool for building and managing your eBook and Audiobook collections on EBSCOhost. While an approver account can perform the same functions as a selector account, it also includes additional functionality to approve or reject submitted lists and complete purchases.

3 In this tutorial, we will look at how to reject and approve submitted lists, as well as how to complete an eBook purchase. If you would like to learn how to search ECM, or how to create lists, please see the ECM Selector Account Functions tutorial, also available from the EBSCO Support Site.

4 Lists that have been submitted by selectors appear in the Submitted Lists area. You can access all Submitted Lists from the My Lists drop-down in the top toolbar, and access the most recent lists from the Submitted Lists box on the right. To review a list, click its hyperlinked name.

5 In some cases, you may decide that a list needs adjustments before it can be purchased, or that the purchase is not appropriate at a particular time. To reject a list, click the Reject List button.

6 Add a message to the Selector who submitted the list in the Message field and click the Reject button. In your message, you can let the Selector know why the list was rejected at this time. The selector is notified by email that the list has been rejected, and your message is included within the email.

7 After rejecting a list, you are taken to the Submitted Lists screen with all of your pending Submitted Lists displayed. Next, we will look at adding a list to the cart and submitting your order. Click the hyperlinked list name to review its content, or simply click the Add to Cart button for the list you would like to review and purchase.

8 After the list is added to your shopping cart, you can click Continue Shopping to search for more eBooks or add more lists to the cart. You can also click Remove from Cart if the list was added in error. If you are ready to check out and purchase your eBooks, check the box to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Order Terms, and click the Finalize Order button.

9 Select a Bill To name and Bill Address from the available options. Then click Submit Order. Your eBook purchase is complete, and your titles will become available to your users soon. Please note, if you do not see the correct billing address or contact information, you should contact EBSCO Technical Support.

10 Returning to the home screen, you can access Help information by clicking the links found in the Using ECM section. Within the online help system, a full range of topics are available in the menu on the left.


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