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Cloning & Gene Therapy Notes

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1 Cloning & Gene Therapy Notes
Chapter 9 Section 4 Cloning & Gene Therapy Notes

2 Genetic Screening Test DNA to detect genetic diseases
determines risk of having or passing on a genetic disorder can detect some genes known to cause genetic disorders

3 Gene Therapy Gene Therapy - the replacement of faulty genes
Attempts to replace defective or missing genes or add new genes to treat a disease.

4 Gene Therapy Still in the experimental stages Some issues:
Inserting gene into correct cell/all cells Determining effect on other genes Immune system may respond causing inflammation

5 Cloning Entire organisms can be cloned
Clone- genetically identical copy of gene or of an organism Some simple animals can essentially clone themselves by regeneration Ex. Sea Stars First cloned dog

6 Cloning Process In mammals- scientists swap DNA between cells
Unfertilized egg taken from animal Eggs nucleus (DNA) removed Nucleus (DNA) of animal to be cloned is implanted into egg After embryo grows for a couple days it is transplanted into female Cloning brainpop


8 Dolly the Sheep Dolly became first cloned mammal from using an adult cell. Led to cloning of pigs, dogs and mice Clone may not look like original (many factors influence expression of gene- i.e. environment) Dolly the Sheep brainpop


10 Benefits of Cloning Human organ transplants Save endangered species
Bring back extinct species?? Jurassic Park Clip

11 Concerns of Cloning Low success rate Clones less healthy than original
Ethical controversy Destruction of embryos for stem cells

12 Draw this image underneath vocab chart. Include captions
Word Def Picture Genetic Screening Gene Therapy Clone Draw this image underneath vocab chart. Include captions

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