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+ I used to ___, but now I ___. ROGERS PUBLIC SCHOOLS October 2011.

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1 + I used to ___, but now I ___. ROGERS PUBLIC SCHOOLS October 2011

2 + We asked teachers to reflect on what theyve learned about Common Core State Standards and share how that learning is changing their beliefs and practices… These are our stories…

3 + I used to try to do all the work myself and make it perfect. Now I have learned to release the jobs/tasks to students and allow them to try, make mistakes, and then try again.

4 + I used to ask all the Qs. Now I let students ask Qs.

5 + I used to expect my students to do all the listening, now I expect them to think and talk to each other more.

6 + I used to introduce math concepts-only practice once (my way/book way), but now I introduce a math concept and watch how my children solve or understand and plan lessons from there.

7 + I used to worry about spending too much time in/on any given area for fear of not getting all the SLEs covered, but now I think I can spend the time where my students need it.

8 + I used to rely on adopted curriculums, but now I make my students create and give evidence.

9 + I used to give my students clues/answers. Now my students infer.

10 + I used to jet ski, but now I scuba dive!

11 + I used to limit the activities that require a lot of speaking/sharing opportunities (possible chaos), but now I realize the importance of student-led discussions and speaking opportunities.

12 + I used to teach subjects more independently, but now I integrate math, reading, and writing into science and social studies.

13 + I used to be afraid of Common Core, but now I am a little more comfortable. I used to fear Common Core, but now I am excited about the prospects! I used to be scared of Common Core, but now I believe I can do it! I used to fear Common Core, but now I am excited!

14 + I used to kick and scream about Common Core, but now I realize and actually see the greatness in my students through Common Core.

15 + I used to have random questions/discussions for my lessons, but now I plan meaningful, thought-out questions to extend my students thinking and comprehension.

16 + I used to think Common Core was just another educational theory that would be used for a few years then discarded for something newer, but now I realize that this has the potential to now only improve student learning but also give teachers freedom to do what they are good at….teach!

17 + I used to plan, but now I plan with more purpose.

18 + I used to think research projects had to be long and complex with many steps, but now I know they can be short and simple for elementary.

19 + I used to teach, but now I guide.

20 + I used to think non-fiction text wasnt very important, but now I know that it is a vital part of student learning and success.

21 + I used to only read fiction, but now I read non-fiction with my students.

22 + I used to not understand the importance of the complexity of the text, now I realize the necessity of non fiction/informational texts.

23 + I used to neglect speaking, but now I plan for it in my instruction.

24 + I used to look to see if they had the answer, but now I want to know why and how they got their answer.

25 + I used to accept an answer, but now I require my students to give more evidence.

26 + I used to focus on the activities, but now I focus on what is being learned and retained.

27 + I used to neglect the goal, but now I set the goal with my students.

28 + I used to provide feedback, but now I ask students to give feedback.

29 + I used to try to control more of the conversation, but now I let students do more talking and sharing.

30 + I used to talk at the students to tell them what they needed to know, but now I try very hard to let them talk and discover for themselves (with guidance) what I want them to know.

31 + I used to show them, but now I let them show each other.

32 + I used to use mainly fiction to teach reading, but now I plan to refocus my instruction to include more nonfiction.

33 + I used to view fluency as knowing facts, but now I see fluency as efficient, flexible strategies that progress across operations.

34 + I used to lower some standards to meet everyones needs, but now I hold high expectations for everyone and realize the ways they get there are different.

35 + I used to teach algorithms, but now I let students develop strategies and understanding.

36 + I used to think students couldnt write, but now I know they speak their own language. We must adapt too, for their success.

37 + I used to focus only on my subject, but now I focus on all subjects.

38 + I used to not want to change, but now I do.

39 + I used to think that no one at the national level knew we were skipping over social studies and science, but I now know that at least some of them do know.

40 + I used to worry, but now I hope.

41 + Implementation of Common Core Standards and the new generation of assessment will not happen overnight. This is a journey. One step at a time.

42 + I used to

43 +

44 +

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