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Performance Management Open Information Session for Individual Contributors.

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1 Performance Management Open Information Session for Individual Contributors

2 2 Setting Goals & Expectations  Define job criteria by which performance will be measured based on job description  Establish goals and objectives  Communicate expectations to employees  Rework objectives or performance standards, if necessary Performance Coaching  Define coaching  Give effective feedback  Recognize employees’ area of development  Coach for better performance  Document Annual Performance Review  GU Performance Review  Mistakes to Avoid  Behavior Based Statements 1 2 3

3  Timeline of Key Months Document - Outlines process for completing review  Overview Document - Compensation philosophy, guidelines and annual review rating definitions  Employee Self-Review Document - Contains self assessment and employee goals  Annual Performance Review Document - Performance and behavior criteria Performance Review Packet can be found at - 3

4  Annual performance reviews are completed in the Spring.  Prior to review meeting:  Ask your supervisor for your job description and self-review document generally 2-4 weeks prior to the performance review discussion  Ask your supervisor for any specific job criteria added to the review  Assess past year’s goals and timelines  Complete your self-review 4

5  After the review has been administered:  Typically, annual salary increases spreadsheets will be distributed for approval/signature by Human Resources to the Area Vice President and are returned to Human Resources as part of the annual budgeting process  Any employee concerns regarding performance review content should be addressed within the Area Vice President Division  Final annual increase spreadsheets are provided to Payroll for loading from Human Resources.  Annual increases effective based on communication from the University President 5

6 6

7  Engage in on-going communication  Regular meetings  Weekly email updates  Project statuses  Ensure both parties are clear on job expectations, job description and duties  Discuss questions and clarify priorities 7

8  Utilize Objective Criteria to demonstrate success during review period  Using metrics  Job expectations  Assess competencies  Utilize goal statements and progress made in achieving goals 8

9 9  Create Goals  An effective goal statement provides an excellent basis for setting and monitoring progress toward strategically aligned goals  Goals should go beyond an essential job function  Goals should be something specific to focus on for the upcoming year  Use SMART formula (Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Relevant, Timeframe)

10 10

11  Complete your self-review  Provide current information on your accomplishments  Provide specific examples of what you’ve done well  Provide specific examples of what you’d like to enhance with your work performance  Prepare what you would like to accomplish next 11

12  In addition to completing your self- review:  Confirm the time, and the place of the meeting  Be prepared to discuss specific examples of behaviors and performance outcomes  Be receptive to feedback  Be willing to take ownership to enhance performance  Be willing to receive assistance to heighten performance

13 13

14  Ask for feedback on what you’re doing well  Ask for feedback on what to improve  Ask clarifying questions  “What else could I have done to improve X?”  “Do you have any suggestions for me?” 14

15  Discuss what you plan to achieve by the end of the next review period and ask what your supervisor expects you to achieve in this timeframe  Make sure you finalize SMART goals  Make your supervisor aware of any issues or roadblocks you are facing and discuss how they might be overcome  Let your supervisor know what you need from him/her during the next year to be successful 15

16  Discuss your development activities for the year  Share progress you have made toward your own development  Find out how your supervisor can support you in accomplishing your development goals for the year  Complete the discussion  Thank your supervisor for his/her feedback  Recommit yourself to a successful year 16

17  Following the guidelines from this session will help enhance the performance review discussion  Employee’s Next Steps:  Meet with supervisor to receive self-review and review current job description  Complete your self-review document  Participate in review discussion  Additional resources can be found at: 17

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