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Manager Performance Evaluation

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1 Manager Performance Evaluation
Presented by: Irma Ramos Administrative Dean, Human Resources Linda Umbdenstock Administrative Dean, Planning December 7, 2005

2 Statement of Philosophy
The Annual Performance Evaluation Procedure is designed to improve District services by: Setting individual objectives and strategies. Assessing the progress of the objectives and strategies. Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of performance.

3 Manager’s Performance Evaluation
Purpose Recognize excellence. Provide rational for evaluation decisions. Identify performance areas needing improvement. Identify areas of general management development training.

4 Manager’s Performance Evaluation Introduction
Who: All employees holding a manager/supervisor or administrative appointment will be evaluated by their immediate supervisor utilizing the new Evaluation Performance instrument. When: Evaluations will be completed on a calendar year basis. Annual evaluations must be submitted to Human Resources no later than: January 15

5 Manager’s Performance Evaluation Procedures
Five Easy Steps! Manager (evaluee) notification Initial meeting Supervisor (evaluator) preparation Final meeting Evaluation documents sent to HR

6 Step One Manager Notification
Supervisor schedules initial meeting. Manager receives employee performance evaluation packet containing: Performance evaluation procedures Performance evaluation forms Education Master Plan goals Board of Trustee goals Superintendent-President goals Supervisor goals

7 Step Two Initial Performance Evaluation Meeting
Initial meeting agenda: Supervisor explains the process. Supervisor provides an over-view of the District-wide goals (i.e. goals the employee received in the initial packet). Supervisor charges manager with the task of developing objectives that align with District goals for upcoming year. Supervisor and manager collaboratively discuss options for developing the manager’s Objectives Action Plan. Within two weeks of initial meeting: Manager develops and returns the first draft of goals to the Supervisor.

8 Step Three Supervisor Final Meeting Preparations
Supervisor receives, reviews and (if needed) revises 1st draft of manager Objectives Action Plan. Manager previously submitted within 2 weeks of initial meeting Supervisor completes the performance evaluation for previous year which includes: Three-part evaluation forms Evaluation of manager’s previous year Objectives Action Plan Manager’s proposed Objectives Action Plan for upcoming year Supervisor schedules manager’s final performance evaluation meeting.

9 Step Four Final Performance Evaluation Meeting
Supervisor and manager finalize manager’s objectives for next year. Supervisor reviews/discusses manager’s performance evaluation for previous year. Manager has opportunity to respond and/or comment in writing (within five days). Supervisor and manager sign off on documents.

10 Step Five Final Performance Evaluation to HR
Signed final performance evaluation documents are submitted to Human Resources no later than… JANUARY 15

11 Manager’s Performance Evaluation
THREE FORMS Form A – Overall Performance & Criteria Form B – Individual Performance Objectives Action Plan Form C – Performance Summary PLUS Form B prior year – Individual Performance Objectives Action Plan (Commencing with 2007 Performance Evaluation)

12 Performance Areas and Criteria
Sample Form A Probationary ___ Administrator ___ Permanent: ___ Manager/Supervisor ___ Name:________________________________ Date Due: January 15, 2006 Classification:__________________________ Review Period: _________to _________ Performance Evaluation Keys: O=Outstanding M=Meets Expectations NI=Needs Improvement U=Unsatisfactory NA/O=Not Applicable/Observed Performance Areas and Criteria Team Work O M NI U NA/O a. Works to achieve cross-unit objectives in support of institutional efforts. b. Contributes supportive attitudes and behaviors towards the organization and its goals c. Works to establish and maintain cooperative and productive relationships. d. Consistently supports, motivates and encourages staff in work relationships. Comments: Other Performance Areas and Criteria >Leadership >Learning Outcomes >Planning and Review >Management >Decision Making

13 FORM B Sample Objectives Action Plan Employee Name: Date: Strategies
Employee Name: NOTE: Major Performance Objectives must be: Date: a. Related to District and department b. Attainable and reasonable c. Realistic and measurable d. Items which are in addition to the day-to-day operational tasks Strategies Timeline Comments Objective (Attach Additional Sheets if Necessary) FORM B Sample

14 Form C Sample LBCCD Manager Performance Evaluation Performance Summary
Considering both the performance goals outlined on the Goal/Objective Action Plan, and the competencies described in the Performance Evaluation Form, comment on the individual’s overall contribution. (Attach additional sheets if necessary.) Form C Sample Overall Performance Rating Effective – May include a professional Development Plan Needs Improvement – Must include a Professional Development Plan Unsatisfactory – Recommendation Attached (May include a professional Development Plan) Employee Comments (Optional) Signatures Acknowledgement __________________________________________ _______________ Employee Date Supervisor Date



Q: How do we incorporate the Form B (Individual Performance Objective Action Plan) into this year’s evaluation process? A The 2006 Objective Action Plan will be developed for the 2006 Performance Evaluations. The next evaluation (due Jan 2007) will include both an evaluation of the previous year’s objectives and the development of the upcoming year’s objectives. Q Can the supervisor schedule and invite all managers to the initial meeting (explanation of process), or must the supervisor meet individually with each manager? A The Supervisor can structure the initial informational meeting in a manner that best fits the needs of that supervisor’s area, keeping in mind that the first draft of the individual manager’s objectives are a collaboration between the manager and supervisor. Q January 15 is a busy time for many supervisors and managers and may create a scheduling hardship. Is there any flexibility with the January 15 due date? A Performance Evaluations are due to Human Resources no later than January 15 of each year. To avoid January 15 time pressures, supervisors have the flexibility of completing evaluations a month or two prior to the due date.

Q. Do all my objectives have to reference the objectives of the college, Board of Trustee, etc.? A. No, some will be specific improvements to your area. Q. How many objectives are reasonable? A. There should be a few major ones with strategies that include sub tasks. There should not be a list of tasks. Q. What if I can’t accomplish my objectives due to another area (i.e. technology)? A. Objectives should be feasible and worked out with others involved – do not presume you are on another area’s priority list. Q. How does this relate to the goals in my Program Review? A. To the extent you have good, concrete goals, it should expedite your statement of objectives for the next year or so. Q. What happens if something else comes up mid-year that is a more important goal? A. If this should occur, you will need to discuss it with your supervisor. Objectives can be modified mid-year

Q How does a supervisor respond to the Performance Areas’ criteria (Form A) that are not applicable to the manager being evaluated? A The rating of NA/O (not applicable/observed) is available for this purpose. Q Are there guidelines available to help the supervisor and manager develop objectives? A Yes, page two of the Procedural Information handouts provide guidelines and definitions to assist you in this process. Q Will the forms be available on the Intranet? A Yes, the forms will be available on the Human Resources website. Q What Performance Evaluation Forms should be used to evaluate the Confidential Employees? Will the due date change from a fiscal to a calendar year as well? A Confidential Employee Performance Evaluation Forms will not change. Supervisors will use the same forms from previously years. However, the due date will change to January 15. Q Who should I contact for answers to additional questions or concerns? A Irma Ramos, Administrative Dean, Human Resources.

20 For Further Information…
Irma Ramos Administrative Dean, Human Resources Phone: X 4512 Thank you!

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